2018 Annual General Meeting

Thee 2018 AGM will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 17 April 2018, in Committee Room 1 at the Wellington City Council Chambers, Wakefield Street.

2017 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 16 May 2017, 6pm
Committee Room, Ground Floor, Wellington City Council, 101 Wakefield St, Wellington

2016 Annual General Meeting




held on Sunday 7th of August 2016 at 2.00pm

at Tararua Tramping Club Hall, Moncrieff Street, Mount Victoria

Meeting Opened: 2:00pm

24 members were present. The Hon President for 2015-16, Maryan Street, was also in attendance.

The meeting began promptly at 2 pm. Grant Jones offered to Chair the meeting initially, proposed by Paul, seconded by Adrian. Later in the meeting, Rawa took the Chair.

Grant began by explaining that, as the outgoing Board had not been able to organise an AGM, this task had been taken over by a group of members, consisting of himself, Phil Rogers and Adrian Sainsbury. In particular it had not proved possible to obtain detailed annual accounts, nor an up-to-date list of paid-up members. We were therefore dependent on the honesty of those present, as to whether they had renewed or not. In any event, the meeting was clearly quorate.


Apologies were received and accepted from Des Smith, John Joliffe, Kevin Hague MP (Vice-Patron), Jamie Petero, Lynley Povey, John Mayes, Errol Arthur, Peter Bullot, Warren Crooks, Mani Mitchell, Wayne Jackson, Maddy Drew and Jeremy Naylor.

Minutes of AGM, 25th March 2015:

These had been circulated in advance. Tony Reed proposed an amendment under section 6.1, RW Board nominations. As Steve Farrow had been re-elected to a further 2-year term in 2014, according to the ratified minutes of the 2014 AGM, his name should not appear in this paragraph as being re-elected in 2015. Furthermore, his name was then missing from the list of those confirmed as Board members. It was agreed to remove his name from this section.

With this amendment, the minutes were agreed, proposed by Tony Simpson, seconded by Adrian.

Financial report for 2015:

Phil reported that it had not proved possible to obtain a financial report. The outgoing Treasurer, has not responded to any correspondence or other approaches for several months. The Charity Commission have already chased up the missing accounts, nor has the auditor reviewer Alastair Hoult seen them, so we know they have not been done. Rawa reported that those who have read-only access to the bank account are able to confirm that the money is still there. In any case, we have a fail-safe that requires two signatures for transactions.

It will be up to the new Board and the new Treasurer to get in contact with Westpac Bank to sort these matters out, if the former Treasurer is still unresponsive.

Chair’s report:

Rawa gave a brief verbal report on his activities during the year. These covered contact with ILGA, UNDP and the CHOGM report on the status of LGBTI rights in the Commonwealth. Rainbow Wellington was joint organiser of the Human Rights Conference in March. Mani Mitchell of ITANZ was co-organiser and had been co-opted onto the Board for this period. 

Social events report:

Phil presented his report, which had been circulated in advance. He pointed out that the 2016 mid-Winter dinner had been cancelled, as at the time we had been unable to publicise it. The report was accepted, proposed Adrian, seconded John.

Election of Board

Before proceeding to the election, the meeting was invited to look at the various options. RW has effectively been without any administration for most of this calendar year. The Board has been unable to function due to a lack of administrative availabilities, and this AGM had consequently been organised by ordinary members. Several Board members have come to the end of their two-year term, and other Board members have resigned. Consequently the only current Board member remaining is Rawa Karetai, currently in the middle of his 2-year term. 

The meeting was invited to look at various options. One is a new Board which decides that RW can no longer function and recommends that it wind up. Grant asked that the meeting consider his suggestion that RW continues as a social group, with a considerably reduced agenda. This was agreed to be another option. 

Phil suggested that, if the basic administrative work of the group still present problems, that an honorarium could be paid to ensure that this function was carried out. It was agreed that the Board would have authority to do this if required.

However, the meeting felt that it could not definitively recommend one option until a new Board was elected and able to consider the possibilities. Sorting out the finances was agreed to be the first priority, for RW to be able to function at all. We need to take one step at a time.

Therefore the meeting agreed to elect a new Board. Election is simply to the Board, which then, at its first meeting, appoints officers. However, some of the candidates also expressed a willingness to undertake various functions.

Rawa is prepared to continue, as Chair.

John Lulich is prepared to go on the Board, and take over the Treasurer’s role. John was elected.

Richard Arnold (co-opted onto the Board in 2015) was elected as a Board member.

Gavin Young volunteered to go on the Board and was elected.

Jem Traylen volunteered to go on the Board and was elected.

The new Board will meet as soon as possible to discuss the options and required actions. Grant proposed (seconded by Adrian) that Board minutes be made available to members in the future, to ensure the continuing flow of information, and this was agreed by the meeting.

Patron and Vice-Patrons:

This item would normally be on the AGM agenda. The new Board will need to consider the current list of Patron and Vice-Patrons, and make recommendations as relevant as there will be a lot of changes going forward with MP’s and City counsellors due for election.

Hon. Vice-President: 

This is an honorary role for one year only. The Hon President for 2015-16 has been Maryan Street, who was thanked for her continuing support of RW.

Rawa proposed Tony Reed as Hon President for 2016-17. This was seconded by Adrian and agreed by the meeting.

The meeting closed at 3.30 pm.