On this page you can find the boards monthly minutes of Part One.

Part Two is execluded and only for the members of the board.

The Chair will move: “That members of the media and public be now excluded from the meeting so that for the under-noted reasons, the following matters may be discussed without public disclosure; the Executive being satisfied, where appropriate, that there are considerations which outweigh the public interest of disclosure.”

Note: Part Two can only be used for the following reasons:

a)  Protection of natural persons;

b)  Protection of trade secrets;

c)  Protection of commercial interests of individuals;

d)  If the information could prejudice or disadvantage negotiations;

e)  Previous inclusion in Part Two;

f)  Irregular circumstances.

These reasons MUST appear next to each Part Two Agenda Item in question. 

These are downloadable print friendly versions of the meetings minutes of the board meeting.

Minutes marked "draft" are provisional.

2017 Board Meeting Minutes

2018 Board Minutes

2019 Board Minutes