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Queer Pillows social networking event

  • 24 Upland Road Wellington, Wellington, 6012 New Zealand (map)

Queer Pillows is an interaction between community members in an intimate and safe space. Here in Queer Pillows we can speak about issues that we would not speak about out of the queer circle. We can chose to talk about homophobia/LGBTQ+ phobia experiences that we have had, discrimination that you felt and projects that you want to create. This is a space for advice, or even just a place to speak and be heard.

The time will be guided by a host as a group dynamic. It will be around two hours in a private space.

If you want you can bring your own pillow, if you want to bring refreshments, then feel free (just make it vegan). We will serve tea and vegan cookies.

If we are at the maximum capacity of 15 people and there is demand for more people, then we will try to open an another event.

Please send to Rainbow Wellington a message to confirm participation.

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Unicorn blesses,
Yuval Jacob Zalk - PR Manager