Role Description:

General support to other Board Members and their responsibilities, providing additional organisation for events being held throughout the year. 2017 saw Lauren produce the RW Election Forum.

Additionally, Lauren is employed by Mercer (N.Z.) Limited who are now part of the growing list of Corporate Sponsors of Rainbow Wellington. Lauren brings a link to the corporate network here in Wellington and we hope to see this grow over 2017/18.


Lauren arrived on our shores in March 2014 fresh off the plane from a small city of Chichester in the U.K.

Come 2015 she started to network and volunteer for the 'Out in the Park' organisation, supporting the Pride Parade with running workshops to create the decorations that would be seen along the Wellington Waterfront as part of the Pride festivities. This wasn't enough to keep her out of trouble and so she started to connect her industry, community and love of volunteering...

Lauren is the LGBTA+ Chair for Mercer (N.Z.) Limited ensuring policies and procedures are inclusive in the workplace, arranges awareness & ally training, and actively supports important rainbow dates throughout the year. Lauren shows her love of volunteering by leading the MercerCares Wellington chapter, partnering with Volunteer Wellington, to increase volunteering in the financial services sector. 

Always keen to connect and get involved!