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Formerly GAP – The Wellington Rainbow Network



·         RAINBOW WELLINGTON Corporate Members

·         Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 18th April, Bluenote BAR

·         Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 2nd May, Hawthorn Lounge

·         Rainbow WELLINGTON Drinks: 16TH MAY, Kitty O’Shea’s

·         Further Rainbow Wellington events

·         Mid-Winter dinner 27th June

·         Unity Books Evening, Thursday July 3rd

·         Election candidates’ forum, Thursday August 21st

·         Rainbow Wellington news

·         Departing Board members

·         AGM, 22nd May

·         RW membership

·         RW website

·         RW Campaigns

·         Political news around Godzone

·         Overseas news

·         Events for Women

·         Rome the musical at CIRCA

·         MSD Projects on domestic violence

·         Wellington Gay Men's Chorus

·         Wellington Gay Dads’ Group

·         Kapiti Rainbow Club

·         Wairarapa Rural Blokes

·         k.d. lang in concert

·         The New Dowse will host Assume Nothing

·         I’ve been reading and watching

·         Disclaimer

·         Members Promotions



·         Approved Mortgage Brokers

·         New Zealand AIDS Foundation

·         The Jimmy Bar

·         New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

·         Alana Estate Winery

·         The Grape and Olive

·         Bluenote Bar

·         Murray Potts, Leaders in Real Estate

·         Imerst

·         Special Risks Insurance

·         Te Horo Olives

·          Mathews Eyewear and Eyecare

·         Duxton Hotel – Grill Restaurant and Bar

·         S & M Cocktail Lounge Bar


Rainbow Wellington acknowledges the support of the Mayor of Wellington and our corporate members. See their details below, & at   (corporate members are listed first, in alphabetical order).

We are delighted to welcome back Scotty and Mal as corporate members once more, this time with their new bar S&M, where we have already had one highly successful drinks evening.

You can also see the details of our other members who have paid the business page fee, on our Business Directory Web page, at . Please have a look at that, & remember to use the services of our members who are advertising there whenever you can.




Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 18th April, Bluenote BAR

And back to another regular popular spot. Phil will doubtless have exciting stories to tell of his European trip!


Friday 18th April


from 5.00 PM


Bluenote Bar, 191 Cuba Street


Finger food provided



Cash Bar


Nil - but why not consider joining Rainbow Wellington if you are not currently a member!


Not required

Booking Deadline:




We have arranged an informal meeting with our Vice Patron, the National Party MP, Chris Finlayson. Chris is Shadow Attorney General and also spokesman on Arts, Culture & Heritage, so if National were to form the Government later this year, he could be managing Departments dealing with a number of issues close to our hearts! So this is an opportunity to give him our views, ask him questions, and generally discuss relevant issues in an informal way.
So we have chosen quite an informal venue - our regular haunt, the upstairs bar at Kitty O'Shea's. We can have exclusive access to this between 6 & 7 pm.


Thursday 1st May


6-7 pm.


Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Bar, 28 Courtenay Place, upstairs bar.




Cash Bar


This is a free event - contributions from non-members to help defray our general costs would be welcomed. We would be even more delighted if you joined up on the night!!


Not required

Booking Deadline:




Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 2nd May, Hawthorn Lounge

Yes, another venue, tracked down by our intrepid Chair, who nobly took on the task of visiting as many likely bars as possible!
Hawthorn Lounge is an upstairs bar at 82 Tory Street, above Courtenay Place. The entrance is approached through a pergola arrangement extending out to the footpath. Go through the door and up the stairs. Turn left at the first landing, continue up the stairs and turn left again and it's right in front of you.
So see you there!


Friday 2nd May


from 5.00 PM


Hawthorn Lounge, 82 Tory Street


Finger food provided


Cash Bar


Nil - but why not consider joining Rainbow Wellington if you are not currently a member!


Not required

Booking Deadline:




Rainbow WELLINGTON Drinks: 16TH MAY, Kitty O’Shea’s

This year we are continuing to use this popular venue right through the Winter. Who knows, the balcony may still be available, but if not, it’s still quite cosy!



Friday 16th May


from 5.00 PM


Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Bar, 28 Courtenay Place, upstairs bar.


Finger food provided


Cash Bar


Nil  - but why not consider joining Rainbow Wellington if you are not currently a member!


Not required

Booking Deadline:




Further Rainbow Wellington events

This winter we are in the process of planning a number of further events. We can’t give you all the final details yet, but we can at least give you dates and venues. You will note the return of several old favourites.


Mid-Winter dinner 27th June

This event has become a favourite over recent years and this time we have another new venue for you, and one run by our very own Phil Rogers, manager of Bluenote Bar!

The venue will be Phil’s newly opened restaurant, The Cheeky Pipi, which is at 163 The Parade, Island Bay. The number 1 bus apparently stops very close.

Time will be the usual – 6.30 pm for a 7 pm start.

As at Xmas we will again have a separate space of our own, the conservatory, plus adjoining room, if numbers warrant that.

We are still working on the final details of the menu and price – but do make a date.


Unity Books Evening, Thursday July 3rd

We have arranged another book reading evening at Unity Books. This has become an annual event by now, and has proved to be one of our most popular functions.

The event will start at 6 pm. There will be a small admission charge, which will include finger food and 2 glasses of wine/juice, plus a cash bar for extra drinks.

Tilly of Unity Books is anxious to attract “new blood” for the readings, so if you are interested in doing a book review or two, please see her in the shop, or contact her at: .   Tel: 499 4245.


Election candidates’ forum, Thursday August 21st

Another great tradition has been our Election Candidates’ Forum in the Grand Hall of Parliament. I gather that candidates have clamoured to attend, such is its reputation!

Our Vice-Patron and local MP for Wellington Central, Marian Hobbs has hosted the last two such events, and this will be her grand finale.

As usual, local candidates from all the Parliamentary parties will be invited, and we will have a sit-down meal provided by Bellamy’s, followed by brief presentations and Q&A sessions.

Details, including prices for members and non-members have yet to be worked out – but again make a date!



Rainbow Wellington news

Lots of news of our own.

Departing Board members

Rhys Hakkens has tendered his resignation to the Board. Rhys was elected last May and since then has contributed considerably to the group, both as manager of the club Imerst, where we held several of our regular Friday night drinks and a few other events, and by his involvement in the company Ancoprint. This produced our new logo, and has also printed a number of leaflets and other handouts, to help us raise our profile. Rhys has said he wishes to continue his involvement with RW, so hopefully there will be more of the same.

A J Marsh left the Board earlier this year, after serving for nearly 3 years. He has now left the country for Australia and Europe, but promises to return from time to time! His enthusiasm will be much missed.


AGM, 22nd May

All members please make a definite date in your diary for the Rainbow Wellington AGM. This will take place on Thursday May 22nd, at 6 pm. The venue will, as has become the norm over the last few years, again be in the Council Chambers at the Town Hall, hosted by our Patron, Her Worship the Mayor of Wellington, Kerry Prendergast. Come along to discuss how RW is progressing, and help contribute to our future plans. Our constitution and bylaws are, by the way, now up on the website, at: .

Further details will shortly be e-mailed out to members, but why not use this opportunity to join or rejoin Rainbow Wellington. We are also looking out as usual for more members to join the Board. This last year we have been below the maximum number, but we have had two recent resignations, and one further member is standing down at the AGM. So we need new blood, as ever; in particular more women members of the Board would be most welcome, so that we can find it easier to arrange more events specifically with our women members in mind.



RW membership

A reminder that any new memberships taken out now are for the 2008-9 financial year, and therefore run up to the end of May 2009. So you get extra weeks for free! Membership forms are on the website, . Do not try to fill in the form on the site, just download it to your server. Forms are also available at pub nites. We prefer direct credit payments to our Westpac account 03-0566-0164688-00.

Current members will be asked to renew in May. And we’ll probably be chasing up some of you former members who have lapsed!


RW website

A reminder that there is now quite a lot on our website, . As well as an RW events page, we now have a general news page, where we include details of all sort of other things we are told about, as well as up-to-date detail of our own campaigns. Much of this is copied from our newsletters, and these are also up on the site now, from the September 2007 issue.

We now also have an issues page. This is where we will note especially our recent and current campaigns. In particular we will have up-to-date info on our two ongoing campaigns, concerning Discrimination in Insurance and Blood donors. The latest with these is also below in this newsletter.


RW Campaigns

Before he went off to China for several weeks, our Chair Tony Simpson supplied the following update on our two ongoing campaigns, which he has been managing. This info is also on our website – on the Issues page.


Gay Blood Donors

Members will be aware that for the past couple of years we have been addressing the current Medsafe rules governing who may or may not be a blood donor.  At present, only men who have not had sex with men over the last ten years qualify.  That means in effect no donations at all unless people are prepared to lie about their sexual orientation.  This is clearly discriminatory against gay men and has been the subject of complaint to the Human Rights Commission. 

We have been pursuing the issue through the Blood Service, under whose auspices there has been an independent review.  The review group issued its draft report last October and we have made a written submission on that and followed this up by a verbal submission to representatives of the group.  We made the point very strongly that the recommendation that the status quo should prevail was both discriminatory and unnecessary, particularly as there are tests now available for both HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis and all blood is tested as a matter of course.  We also found the tone of the review draft report patronising and lacking in empathy, particularly in its suggestion that as this was only a 'minor' discrimination it didn't really rank. 

Since then there has been a long silence from the review group and we have recently written to them and sought to know what progress they have made in preparing and issuing their final report.  We suspect that the news will not be good, given that similar reviews in the US and Britain have also opted for the status quo (in their case an absolute ban on blood donations by gay men).  If this is the outcome we will give consideration to pursuing the matter through the Human Rights Commission. 


Insurance and Privacy

 As previously reported we have taken up the case of members who, when they identify as gay in filling out insurance applications e.g. because they are extending existing insurance to their partner, have been sent extremely offensive additional questionnaires asking intrusive personal questions about their specific sexual practises. It is our view that this is a breach of the Privacy Act and we have written to the insurance company in question accordingly.  They have declined to discuss this specific issue with us.  We have taken this up with the office of the Privacy Commissioner who have discussed it with us and agreed to take it up with the insurance company in question. 

For your reference this company is ING.  If members have had similar experiences with this or other companies we would be glad to hear about these.  In the meantime it is interesting to note that the UK insurance industry has recently announced that they will drop this practise.  



Political news around Godzone

One reader has written accusing this newsletter of being too partisan – or at least of being anti-National. The precise issue in hand was his assumption that I had said that the Nats would not be supportive of a gay or lesbian MP announcing a civil union. I wrote no such thing; what I did was question whether the current National Party would be as supportive of such a member as has clearly recently been the case in the British Conservative Party. In other words, have the Nats moved forward in such social issues to the degree which David Cameron’s Tories have clearly done? I do think the jury is still out on this one, and John Key’s vigorous recent assertion that Sir Roger Douglas would never ever be in his Cabinet provided a suitable contrast to his less assertive statements on the social issues of interest to our communities.

But I do try to keep a balance, and believe me I would absolutely love to be able to report outbursts of homophilia amongst all the political parties. But alas, the Nats are not making it easy for themselves, nor for us, with recent developments. I refer of course to the news that, contrary to what appears to many of us to be obvious common sense, the party in Wellington Central have now picked Stephen Franks as their candidate.

The report in the DomPost says that he is now “more pragmatic” and that “he liked the fact that he could be more practical now and spend less time arguing for rigid goals”. It is unclear to me at least what he means here. Those of us who witnessed his attempted assault on the Human Rights Act in the last Parliament thought it was Mr Franks, rather than the ACT Party per se, who was pursuing such goals. He confirmed this at the last election with what appeared to be a personal appeal to Christian fundamentalists to vote ACT, largely on exactly those grounds. His views as expressed at our Candidates’ Forum could well be summed up in the notorious phrase “gay rights are specials rights”. In fact, since his departure, ACT seems to be returning more to its traditional liberal libertarian views, as the recent “party pills” incident demonstrates. I suspect that Mr Franks means that it was precisely this general “liberalism” that he was uncomfortable with (and the Libertarianz Candidate easily outshone him on that front at our Forum!), and that his heart lies more in an authoritarian reactionary right-wing view of the world. Which is one would have thought the exact opposite image of what John Key’s National Party is trying to portray.

There are those on the Left who have rejoiced at this news, declaiming that it makes the work of Labour candidate Grant Robertson that much easier. I would urge caution in this respect. Mr Franks has amply demonstrated an ability to persuade people that he is a Good Thing, if not a Wonderful Thing to have on your side, in your Party. He may similarly persuade the electorate, even in Wellington Central. It will be up to members of our communities who live the electorate, to get up and ask the right questions at the right time, to see whether the new “practical” Stephen Franks has changed on these issues or whether he is still the old Stephen Franks at heart. The relevant issues will not necessarily present themselves automatically if we don’t raise them, so it really is up to us.


In contrast, I never imagined I would agree with anything much that Michael Laws writes. But his Sunday Star Times article of 6 April, mostly commenting on Peter Brown’s latest anti-immigrant rant, has the following paragraph:

“What his critics should have said is remember homosexual law reform from 20 years ago. Gays were going to take over the world and no little boy would be safe. New Zealand's manhood would be mincing everywhere and the All Blacks would never win another World Cup.

Now virtually everyone admits that gays contribute to the community out of all proportion to their numbers. And that despite their clannish ways, they bring a vibrancy, colour and class that New Zealand would be the poorer without. Although they were right about the World Cup.”

It is good to see people who are not necessarily our greatest supporter freely make such an admission. It’s quite true of course, but is rarely stated.


Overseas news

It is good to get positive news from Cuba, which for quite a long time has had a bad reputation over LGBT rights. And it comes from the daughter of Raul Castro, no less, who, with the rather cautious support of her father, wishes to liberalise the law. And for once this is not just in the area of same-sex unions, but also cover key transgender rights also.

Let’s hope she succeeds in her proposed legislation. Then I suppose that at least some of the LGBT people who fled to Florida might wish to return, given the law in that part of the US!


You will have observed that I have said nothing about the endless US Presidential campaigns and primaries. That is mostly because, according to what I have read, LGBT rights have not really appeared as an issue this time. Clinton and Obama both have very similar policies towards our communities, generally liberal but anti-same sex marriage, so gay Democrats have just tended to go with whichever one they would have supported anyway. There have been some stories of Hillary being more open to the LGBT press than Barack, but he has now given a good interview to The Advocate which seems to answer those points:

John McCain is of course considerably less liberal, but is nowhere near as bad as most of the other Republicans! In particular he has opposed an amendment to the federal Constitution defining marriage as between a man and a woman. He has received quite a bit of stick for this, and a number of Religious Right types will not vote for him because of this very issue. So things should improve once the present regime departs whatever – but of course that applies to almost any area of policy you could care to name!!


Meanwhile, back in the UK, Stonewall has been busy again, and published a report of a survey into perceptions of homophobic discrimination. Pink news has a substantial report on this, which links to the Stonewall site too:

(By the way, their web pages take ages to come up, and keep saying ‘Done” when they are not! Don’t be put off, but hang on in there!)

As this report says, “The results paint a depressing picture of perceived prejudice in Britain”, and is a timely antidote to the usually positive stories we get from the UK. However, it is important I think to note that these results mostly reflect perceived, rather than actual prejudice. It must be remembered that we Poms do like to have our glass half empty, and don’t necessarily always take the most positive view of life in general! And some of the institutions mentioned, where people expect prejudice, have actually demonstrated quite the opposite. I would still hold that the situation in the Mother Country has in general improved beyond recognition since I left 10 years ago.


From Australia, or Sydney to be more precise, there has been extensive reporting of a mad Anglican Vicar who has taken to ranting at our favourite gay judge Michael Kirby. You see, Michael has insisted that he is both gay and Anglican, and this has produced paroxysms of rage from one local vicar. The Sydney Morning Herald has the most complete story (and their web pages stay up longer, and are easy to print from too):

The content of his rant can be guessed, so I will just leave you to read it yourself!

However, if you want to see what a real Christian leader has to say on these issues, then Archbishop Tutu’s recent remarks in a speech in San Francisco are of more import:


But finally, some more news from Australia of a former member of GAP/Rainbow Wellington. Nick Toonen was a member for several years, whilst he lived in Wellington with his partner Jay Ocampo. They moved to NZ so that they could be together in a country with a civilised immigration policy (Peter Brown, please note). They had a civil union here last year. However, they returned to Oz, and now Nick has a senior post as the CEO of the AIDS Trust of Australia, no less:

We offer Nick our congratulations, and wish him & Jay every happiness back across The Ditch. Still, as Rodney Croome commented in his regular weblog, their civil union is of course not recognised there.


Events for Women

Lesbian Networking drinks - come along to Blondini’s Café & Bar at the Embassy Theatre on Kent Terrace. Friday drinks with a friendly group of women, held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 5.30pm onwards.


Lesbian Radio on Access Radio

This is on 783 am, and the weekly programme is broadcast on Sundays, 10-11 am. A podcast is now available, at . Anybody interested in contributing should e-mail .


Lesbian Quiz night in Porirua

This will take place on the last Friday of each month, at Café Kaizen, in the Pataka Museum in Parumoana Street, from 6.30 pm onwards. Contact Suse on 04 237 4222 for more details.


For full details of events for women, see .



Rome the musical at CIRCA


by Paul Jenden & Gareth Farr

directed by Paul Jenden

21 June – 26 July

You are invited to a fun-packed evening of lust, greed and murder.

Welcome to the Caesars! And a Roman feast of power, politics and intrigue. The creators of Troy and Monarchy complete their trilogy of historical musicals with a wildly inaccurate romp through the Roman Empire as the events of decades are condensed into the space of just one evening when Julius Caesar hosts a dinner party where the guests include Brutus, Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

ROME The Musical – with Gareth Farr’s shamelessly hedonistic music and Paul Jenden’s wickedly licentious lyrics. Bring a healthy appetite and indulge yourself in Roman extravagance, but don’t touch the grapes…

A number of us from Rainbow Wellington will be at the opening night, 21st June. Why not also come along and join us, so we can celebrate the evening together. This is an informal arrangement only – so please make your own bookings.


MSD Projects on domestic violence

Funding is available for community projects that raise awareness of domestic violence and mobilise people to prevent it.  Details of the fund are below.  GLBTI Policy is not responsible for this fund but is forwarding the information on as we believe there is a real need to address the issue of domestic violence within GLBTI communities.  Most projects funded to date have been based on geographical communities, but the funders will also consider applications for communities of identity.

I have done quite a bit of research and thinking about domestic violence in GLBTI communities (most particularly in relation to same-sex partner violence) and invite you to call me for information and support if you are considering putting a proposal together.  Cristy Trewartha (contact details below) works directly as a funding advisor for this project and is more than willing to provide advice on how the application process works, priorities considered by the funders, and factors that are likely to make a project succeed.  

Give it some thought :-)     No project is considered too small.  The funding rounds will come up again in future, so don't worry if June 10 seems too soon. 

Sue Russ

Senior Analyst

Social Inclusion and Participation

Ministry of Social Development


Phone   (04) 978 4103

* * * * * *
The National Campaign for Action on Family Violence is using media and community action to prevent violence in intimate relationships. Groups who are interested in preventing domestic violence within their community are invited to apply to the Community Action Fund. The Fund enables organisations to engage their community around the issue of domestic violence, through social marketing and community development/ action. Many of the current projects involve the use of media, creating violence free settings and starting conversations around violence. For more information about current projects visit

The third round of the Community Action Fund is now open. It closes on 10 June. The link to the information and application forms is below.

As in past rounds, I really encourage people who are thinking of applying to call me and discuss their ideas for projects.

All the best


Cristy Trewartha

Community Action Fund Advisor

Campaign for Action on Family Violence

04 916 3922

029 200 6108

Ministry of Social Development

PO Box 1556




Wellington Gay Men's Chorus

Rehearsals commenced Thursday 21 February at 6.30 pm.

The Wellington Gay Men's Chorus formed as a core group in October 2007 and is looking for additional members to join its weekly practice sessions. Everyone likes to sing, even if only in the shower, and the chorus gives us the opportunity as a group of gay men to enjoy making some amazing music. Being able to read music is not essential. What is important is a willingness to relax and enjoy it. Some of our members have experience in choirs and others do not, some read music, some do not, but together we’ve made some great progress and had some great laughs.

The group meets weekly on Thursday evenings for a two hour practice with a professional musical director, who has volunteered to assist the group in its formation. Practice sessions are held at a member's home in central Wellington. As we start again in mid-February we're keen to up our numbers so we can achieve the critical mass we need.

For more information, contact Mark Beehre at  or call 027 416 4402.


Wellington Gay Dads’ Group

A friendly social group for gay dads and their partners. The group meets monthly (usually at the weekends) for a pot luck meal and a drink, in members’ homes. Support is available for guys who request this!

We don’t yet have details of the April event.
For details, contact: Phil: Phone 381 0308  or 021 251 0589.               
E-mail: .
Web Site:     


Dance Wellington – DANSSINZ
DANSS began back on Sunday 30th March.

At Thistle Hall, corner Arthur Street & Cuba Street, upstairs (enter through Arthur Street side) – beginners class is at 7.00 pm and the intermediate class is 8.00pm with a short break in between. Payment is by koha/donation. No partner required. A fun attitude coupled with I can do this is all that is required. The following dances are the scheduled for the next few weeks.

Sun 13th April : Beginners – Quickstep. Intermediate - ChaChaCha
Sun 20th April : Beginners – Tango. Intermediate - Merrilyn
Sun 27th April : REVISION

DANSS is a dance class for Gays and Lesbians and friends


Kapiti Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club is an exclusive social group for gay and bisexual men living on the Kapiti Coast. The group boasts 56 members aged from 32 upwards and from as far apart as Wanganui, the Wairarapa and Upper Hutt.

The Rainbow Club cordially invites GAP members to join us at any of our monthly social events arranged usually on the last Saturday of every month during the afternoon or evening. Complimentary overnight accommodation with local members may be available for those Wellingtonians who cannot face returning home.

Annual membership of The Rainbow Club is only $20. Our aim is to return this money to you over the course of the year in the form of event subsidies. The group is strictly men only. Please contact the group via if you wish to attend one of our functions.

The next function is the AGM on Saturday 26th April, in Waikanae. At your editor’s house on the hill, in fact!


Wairarapa Rural Blokes

April function details:

 Hosts: Danny & Randall

Venue: 37 Edith Street, Masterton
Date: Saturday 19th April
Time: Mid -afternoon onwards, eating at 6pm
You bring: Your choice of drink, & whatever you contribute to a pot luck dinner

Amenities: Bring some swimming togs (or not) and a towel if you want to swim in the pool

(Danny & Randall of course owned the Homestay Fresh Egg, which we visited as a group (and in some cases personally) many times. They sold up a couple of years ago, so it will be good to see how they have settled in the Big City – by which they mean Masterton!)

Derek Waldock & Grant Pittams



k.d. lang in concert

Yes, KD is back yet again! She must like Wgtn a lot.

Monday 5th May Wellington Michael Fowler Centre

Tickets on sale Monday, February 11th  from Ticketek: 0800ticketek *
* service fees will apply | new album watershed out now


The New Dowse will host Assume Nothing

From 12 April to 31 August 2008, TheNewDowse will host Assume Nothing, a challenging and sensitive exploration and celebration of the complex world of gender diversity. The exhibition features 23 outstanding images by photographer Rebecca Swan, and eight animated portraits and a documentary by award-winning film maker,

Kirsty McDonald. Assume Nothing reveals the extraordinary and ordinary worlds of individuals who define themselves as "gender uncertain” or ”gender fluid”. Carmen Rupe and Georgina Bayer, activist and spokesperson Mani Bruce Mitchell, and artists Shigeyuki Kihara and Ema Lyon from Pacific Sisters are among those featured.

This exhibition is a powerful vehicle for engineering change. If your organisation is interested in utilising the unique opportunity that this exhibition provides please contact: phone 04 560 1483. the New Dowse prides itself in being an accessible friendly space, and has meeting rooms and conference facilities available.

Rebecca Swan is represented in Wellington by Mark Hutchins Gallery, .   216 Willis Street. Mark is a current board member and former Chair of Rainbow Wellington.
Mark will be running an exhibition of recent work by Rebecca from 1 - 26 June, so you will be able to see Rebecca's work in Wellington as well as at the Dowse.



I’ve been reading and watching

Actually, your editor has been away up north, (I even saw Hamilton!) and so has not managed to get to any good films of late, the cinema in Waipukurau offering little of excitement! Still there was always the telly, with TV1 having a classic movie weekend recently. One night was The Cider House rules, a beautiful movie, and then of course there was Brokeback Mountain yet again, for those who have not worn out their DVDs already. As the Listener said, “this time with extra sadness”. Heath Ledger would been 29 on the 4th of April.

Lars and the real girl, starring the delectable Ryan Gosling once again, has had rave reviews, but is so far only on in Brooklyn and at the Paramount. So that one looks the strongest likelihood amongst the new films.




Rainbow Wellington is happy to include news of relevant community events and initiatives in our newsletter. However, we are not responsible for the content nor accuracy of those items sent to us. We include them because we think they may be of interest to our readers, not necessarily because we endorse everything in them.

The political commentary is that of the editor, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Rainbow Wellington Board. If you disagree (or agree!) let us know, and we may include your comments too.


Members Promotions


Approved Mortgage Brokers

Are you thinking of buying property?

Don’t run straight to your bank – Deal with us and it’ll be a pleasure.

We offer you a FREE professional service (the banks pay us, not you)

Choose from over 16 major banks and lenders from the comfort of your own home (or office)

Impartial advice on buying your first home, 100% loans, rental property or refinancing.

GAP Corporate Members since 1997.

For free, efficient service, freecall Sonya, Richard, Craig or Larry on

0508 APPROVED, or visit our web-site,


New Zealand AIDS Foundation 

Awhina Centre - PO Box 9247, Level 3, Marion Square, Wellington

Phone: (04) 309 5560 Fax (04) 302 2338


National Office - PO Box 6663, Wellesley St, Auckland

Phone: (09) 303 3124 Fax :(09) 309 3149


AIDS Hotline:0800 802 437

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation provides health promotion workshops and education to prevent the transmission of HIV and by supporting people affected by HIV and AIDS to maximise their health and wellbeing.

NZAF services are free, and include confidential testing, counselling, support, policy, advocacy, and raising community awareness. The National Office of the Foundation houses a recognised research team specialising in the social and medical impacts of HIV and AIDS in New Zealand.

The Foundation is a registered charity and relies on donations and community support to continue in the delivery and diversification of its services.

The Awhina Centre has just moved to Level 1, 187 Willis Street.


Jimmy Bar, St James’ Theatre

See  for all details.

There are also details about the café & bar on the site. Happy hour is now extended to 90 minutes! 5-6.30 pm.

The Jimmy is open till 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.




New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO)

Box 6640, Wellington

Tel: 04 801 3890                        Fax: 04 801 3976  

Subscription details for 2008 now available at:

The first Wellington concert of the season is on Friday March 28th, under the baton of the new Music Director, Pietari Inkinen.




 “The Ultimate Wine and Food Experience”  

Great food matched with each of our 4 wine varietals 

Relax on the courtyard, in the dining room or barrel room.            Chef – Ian Garner

Puruatanga Road, Martinborough

Phone: 06 3069784

Fax : 06 3069789





The Grape and Olive, Martinborough

Self-contained cottage accommodation in Martinborough.

David Hindley and Kevin Haunui.

PO Box 105, Martinborough

027 274 6765



Bluenote Bar

Bluenote Bar. Cnr Cuba & Vivian Streets

801 5007            021 321 006                   Fax: 971 1624            

Bar open all night 7 days a week. Live entertainment.            Gay friendly.


Leaders in Real Estate

Murray Potts, Property Consultant
21 Ganges Road, Khandallah, Wellington

Tel: 04 479 2099 (A/H: 04 479 4665)
Mobile: 027 4441760
Fax: 04 479 1941

See Murray at

When entrusting a salesperson and an organisation with the selling of your home or investment property, you will be looking to achieve the best price for your property with professional sales representation from a Real Estate market leader. My experience in the Real Estate industry began when I was a child, my father was a Real Estate Salesperson.

Over my 15 years in the Information Technology industry and the last 10 years as a professional sales person, I have bought and sold houses both in New Zealand and overseas.

In our business, I make the maximum effort to be creative and innovative, up front and open. I look forward to working with you to achieve:

·         Outstanding results in your Real Estate transactions.

·         True value added service that will make your Real Estate transaction easy for you.

·         Professional sales representation from an organisation that is the clear Leader in the market – here in Wellington, throughout New Zealand and across the world.

·         The protection of the Re/Max Leaders money back marketing guarantee.

I will encourage you to trust my ethics and my honesty.

My commitment to you is best described by my working ethos: Service * Integrity * Excellence





Imerst Bar has closed. There is a plan to reopen soon under different management. seems to receive details – nobody tells us.


Special Risk Insurance

Type of business

Insurance Consultants








Level 2
15 Daly Street
Lower Hutt 5010

Insurance Consultants,

Experts at getting Insurance applications approved

eg; Life, Disability, Health etc.

Call Brian Klee at (04) 939 6747 or (021) 774 757


Te Horo Olives

Type of business

Olive Growers and olive oil processors






1081a State Highway One
Te Horo
Otaki South 5581

Olive growers and olive oil processors. We have a ten acre, 1300 tree grove in Te Horo, producing extra virgin olive oil.

Our fruit is processed on site using a Pegaso 500kg/hour continuous flow plant.

We also undertake contract pressing for other growers in the region.


Matthews Eyewear and Eyecare


Type of business

Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Contact Lens Practitioners




04 473 4200


04 473 4300


Level One – City Chambers

Matthews Eyewear Eyecare

Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Contact Lens Practitioners

Every face is a work of art and we believe every face deserves a great frame!

As Wellington’s most recent Optometrists, Matthews Eyewear & Eyecare are proud to introduce an exciting element to highly fashionable Eyewear.

Not only do we have what we believe to be the best in Eyewear collections that Wellington has to offer, but also the very latest in Eyecare technology.

Our promise: best people, best technology and to showcase the best range of Optical fashion collections within a private and relaxed environment.
Hours  8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Physical Location
Level One – City Chambers

Entrance - in between Juniper Café and Bordeaux Bakery on Johnston Street, close to the corner of Featherston and Johnston Streets



Duxton Hotel Wellington – The Grill Restaurant and Bar

Situated in the heart of the Harbour Capital of New Zealand, a city famous for its culture, atmosphere, lifestyle and history, opposite Te Papa - the Museum of New Zealand, and the Wellington Convention Centre. Located only a short walk away are the central business district, the shopping and entertainment areas, the Opera House, St. James Theatre, the TSB Bank Arena and Courtney Place.


The Grill restaurant features delicious cuisine, and is set in stunning surroundings. Or take advantage of the magnificent Private Dining Room, perfect for exclusive gatherings or dinner parties. For further information, feel free to contact on 04 471 5711 or email the Restaurant Manager on


Hours of Operation

6.30am - 10.30am (Mon - Fri)
6.30am - 11.00am (Sat - Sun)
12.00am - 2.00pm (Daily)
5.30pm - 10.30pm (Daily, last Main orders taken at 10.00pm)


Hotel Contact Information

Address : 170 Wakefield Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand
Telephone : 64 4 473 3900
Facsimile : 64 4 473 3929
New Zealand Freephone Reservations : 0800 655 555



S&M Cocktail and Lounge Bar

Mal and Scotty are back, with their new bar, at 176 Cuba Street. Now yet again, the only gay bar in town!            (currently no website)

Tel: 021 917980            021 917960


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