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Formerly GAP – The Wellington Rainbow Network



·         RAINBOW WELLINGTON Corporate Members

·         Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 30th January, Bluenote BAR

·         Rainbow Wellington Wairarapa Wine Trip, Sunday February 15th

·         Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 20th February, Downstage Theatre Bar

·         Talk by the Chief Censor, Thursday 26th February

·         Lunch at Te Horo Lodge, Sunday 29th March

·         Rainbow Wellington news

·         RW Campaigns

·         RW Membership year

·         RW E-mails and website

·         RW Restaurant questionnaire

·         Political news around Godzone

·         Overseas news

·         Events for Women

·         OUT IN THE SQUARE, Saturday February 28th

·         Kaha – Queer Youth Hui 09


·         At the Theatre

·         Wellington Dance Same Sex New Zealand (DANSSINZ) 2009

·         Wellington Gay Dads’ Group

·         Kapiti Rainbow Club

·         Wairarapa Rural Blokes

·         I’ve been watching

·         Accommodation Wanted

·         Pastry Chef

·         Disclaimer

·         Members Promotions



·         New Zealand AIDS Foundation

·         The Jimmy Bar

·         New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

·         Bluenote Bar

·         Murray Potts, Leaders in Real Estate

·         Te Horo Olives

·          Mathews Eyewear and Eyecare

·         S & M Cocktail Lounge Bar

·         Unity Books

·         ANZ/National Bank

·         Sterling Tax and Accounting




Rainbow Wellington acknowledges the support of the Mayor of Wellington and our corporate members. See their details below, & at   (corporate members are listed first, in alphabetical order).

You can also see the details of our other members who have paid the business page fee, on our Business Directory Web page, at . Please have a look at that, & remember to use the services of our members who are advertising there whenever you can.




Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 30th January, Bluenote BAR

As the first Friday in February is Waitangi Day and there are 5 Fridays in January, it seemed logical simply to move our second drinks night of the year forward one week. So make a date with one of our corporate members, who always makes us feel most welcome.


Friday 30th January


from 5.00 PM


Bluenote Bar, 191 Cuba Street


Finger food provided



Cash Bar


Nil - – but why not consider joining Rainbow Wellington to support us, so that we can continue to host all these pub nites!?


Not required

Booking Deadline:




Rainbow Wellington Wairarapa Wine Trip, Sunday February 15th

There has been little interest in a repeat of our traditional planned trips to the Wairarapa vineyards, and even less interest in assisting in the organisation of such a trip. So we have settled on a more informal visit, and fixed the date of Sunday February 15th.

We will organise our own transport and meet in the café at the Wine Centre in Kitchener Street in Martinborough, at 10.30 for 11 am. If you need a lift or indeed can offer one, please let us know of your intentions and requirements, at or .

We will then make our way to a vineyard of choice for wine tasting (I would always wish to include Atarangi at some point, as it never fails to please), and then proceed to lunch. Our experience last time at Alana Estate was such that I am sure many of us will wish a repeat visit! We may well need to book there however, so will really need to know approximate numbers.

So please let us know if you are planning to go – especially if you want a lift, or can offer space in your car.

After lunch we will review our situation, to see whether we want any further wine-tastings, or simply crash out in The Square! Or of course, there are plenty of cafes for that essential coffee before the drive back!

Any further suggestions will be welcome. We can basically do what people who plan to go wish to do.


Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 20th February, Downstage Theatre Bar

Another visit to the newest addition in our arsenal of venues. Always very welcoming – and there are actually 2 plays on that evening, the first one starting at 7 pm. See for details.



Friday 20th February


from 5.00 PM


1st Floor bar, Downstage Theatre, Cnr Cambridge Terrace and Courtenay Place


Finger food provided


Cash Bar


Nil - – but why not consider joining Rainbow Wellington to support us, so that we can continue to host all these pub nites!?


Not required

Booking Deadline:




Talk by the Chief Censor, Thursday 26th February

It is several years since the Chief Censor, Bill Hastings spoke to us, so we have invited him again. The date is Thursday 26th February, from 6 pm, at Kitty O’Shea’s (which proved to be a convenient venue when Chris Finlayson spoke to us earlier this year).

Bill will speak and answer questions on potential hate speech legislation and general censorship issues.

It is interesting to note that the NZ First MP Peter Brown ran a continuing campaign against Bill, on the grounds that a gay man could not possibly undertake such a job properly. Well, Peter Brown is now out of Parliament, but Bill is still Chief Censor!!

Please note that this free event will be for members only.


Thursday 26th February


6.00 - 7.30 pm.


Upstairs bar, Kitty O’Shea’s Bar, 28 Courtenay Place.





Cash Bar


Nil, for members only – but why not consider joining Rainbow Wellington so that you can come along?


Not required

Booking Deadline:




Lunch at Te Horo Lodge, Sunday 29th March

As anticipated in our last issue, we can now confirm a return visit to Te Horo Lodge on the Kapiti Coast, jointly organised with the local Rainbow Club.

This time it will be a bring a share lunch, so BYO food and drinks, and enjoy a good social afternoon in beautiful surroundings, playing petanque, in the swimming pool, the spa pool, or wherever!


Sunday 29th March


From 12 noon


Te Horo Lodge,  109 Arcus Road, Te Horo, Kapiti Coast





Cash Bar


Nil, but why not consider joining Rainbow Wellington to support us, so that we can continue to host all these events?


Not required

Booking Deadline:



For details of venue, etc, see: .


Rainbow Wellington news


RW Campaigns

We gave you a detailed update in our last newsletter on our campaigns. This is now on our website at .

The Board decided at its recent meeting that we have waited long enough for NZBS and MEDSAFE to respond to the report. So we are instigating an approach to the Human Rights Commission, to complain that the refusal to allow gay men who been sexually active over any of the last 10 years to donate blood is an infringement of the Human Rights Act. To do this, we need to accompany our submission with a personal case. None of the board members present could do this, as we were all disallowed to donate blood on other grounds. So we would like a volunteer please to act as our flag-bearer in this approach to the HRC. Our Chair Tony Simpson will be able to answer any queries you may have on what this involves, so please give him a ring on 384 3180 or 817 9488 – or of course you can e-mail us as usual, on or .


RW Membership year

Our membership year has ended on May 31st for ages, but despite lots of reminders, notices and pleas, we still received messages saying it is all terribly unclear, and people didn’t know whether they are current or not. So the Board has decided to align the membership year with the calendar year from 2009, in the hope that this will be clearer, and easier to remember. We will of course flood you out with reminders as ever.

The current year will still end on 31/5/09, but after that will shift to 31/12/09, etc. That means we will have an initial membership period of 7 months, for which the membership fee will be $20 (with business directory $40, corporate $100). However, we will also offer an 18-month membership period up to 31/12/10, of $50 (a real bargain!) with business directory of $100, and corporate to be negotiated. Obviously we hope that as many members as possible will opt for an 18-month membership period, which is why we offer the discount. Membership renewal has become by far the largest administrative job of the year, with the number of reminders and chasers which seem to be required, and the thought of having to do it all over again for everybody after only 7 months is a little daunting! So the more of you who take up the 18-month offer, the easier for the Board, who are all unpaid volunteers of course.

All this will be set out clearly when membership renewals are due.


RW E-mails and website

We have rearranged the way our newsletters appear on the website. The drop-down list on the left of the home page now has only the latest 2 newsletters. But we have still kept all the others on, dating back to when the new website was set up in 2007. Now you will see on the right-hand side of our home page, , another link, “Newsletter archive”. That takes you to another page, with links to all the newsletters on the site, That includes the latest ones, so you don’t have to use the drop-down list at all if you don’t want to.

You will see that the format of the e-mails has changed recently. Since our former website host pulled the plug on us in 2007, we have had use of a really good system for free, but always knew that the good times might come to an end. The system went down earlier this month, and Adrian has since been busy experimenting with various formats. We will probably purchase our own software for the mass e-mails, once we are certain we have the right one. So in the meantime – I have no idea what format this newsletter will reach you in. But just remember, they all go up on the website in beautiful html, which is not dependent on your server not liking what it is sent!

We have received a couple of complaints that the “unsubscribe” button at the top of our messages does not work. We do not have such a button, you have to unsubscribe by dropping us an e-mail to the usual address. Many of you will be on Hotmail, and any messages you receive there from there may well say “You’ve subscribed to this mailing list – unsubscribe”. That is not ours, it is a part of the Hotmail system. So if it doesn’t work, please contact Mr Gates and not us.



RW Restaurant questionnaire

This questionnaire has been e-mailed out separately, but we repeat it here to encourage more of you to answer. It does not matter if you have not been to many or indeed any of our recent restaurant visits, your opinions will still be noted. Thanks to those who have already replied – but please note that there is an extra question now at the end.


The Board would like to ensure that members who attend the Rainbow Wellington restaurant
meals during the year, provide an input into their preferences.

Please copy and paste the section below indicating your
top three  preferences and return to by 1 February!

This will take you only about 5 minutes to complete.

1   Please rank your top three  restaurant preferences from the list below:

New Zealand
Continental/European/ Mediterranean
Mongolian (Ganghis Khan)

2   From the list of restaurants  below,  which  Rainbow Wellington have attended the last two years,  please indicate the ones which you would like to see repeated:

Soi Café and Bar  (Evans Bay)
Cheeky Pipi  (Island Bay)
Oriental Thai  (CBD)
Mediterranean Food Warehouse (Newtown)

3   Please indicate any other options not stated  above  or  any considerations which the Board should make when deciding on future Rainbow Wellington dinners.

4       Your name and Phone number for any follow up.


A number of responses have said they like to have a speaker with dinners, rather than just the dinner. However, others have replied that the cost of such functions prevents them from going to hear a speaker or participate in such events as our recent candidates’ forum.

So when you reply, could you also please indicate:

If RW organizes events which combine a dinner with a speaker, will this:

1)       make it more or less likely that you attend the dinner

2)       make it more or less likely that you come to hear the speaker



Political news around Godzone

We are now coming to the end of that quiet part of the year when, after the exhaustion of all the urgency in Parliament before Xmas, everybody goes off on holiday, and all is peaceful. Even Murray McCully seems to have passed the role of chief foreign affairs commentator back to Helen Clark.

So it is good to be able at this point to congratulate our local MP, Grant Robertson, on his civil union, held at Old St Paul’s, and duly reported in the Dompost on 10th January. picked up this report of course, with a nice pic of Grant and Alf: .  Our Chair, Tony Simpson, has written to formally congratulate Grant and Alf on behalf of Rainbow Wellington. Tony added to his personal congratulations: “I think it would be difficult to over-emphasise the significance to our community of those with a high profile in public life taking this step. It’s a very important part of normalising the lives of gay and lesbian couples in the public mind”.

I have received some criticisms of perceived ”left-wing bias” in these newsletters, thought the examples given do not seem to me likely to stand up in Court. However, there is clearly an assumption in some quarters that I am using this newsletter as some sort of “bully pulpit” from which to give my opinions without chance of any contradiction. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have regularly welcomed and asked for feedback, and promised that I will include it in the newsletter if appropriate. So if you feel I am saying anything outrageous, here is your chance. Write to Rainbow Wellington and say what you think.



Overseas news


Still more news from the US of A on same-sex marriages. Those of you who follow these sagas may remember that New Jersey got civil unions a while back, after a recommendation for their Supreme Court. At the time that their legislature set up civil unions rather than marriage, the Attorney-General set up a Civil Union Review Commission. Well this has now reported, and it is unanimous in its view that civil unions have not brought the necessary equality: .

“The Civil Union Review Commission said same-sex couples cannot achieve equality with heterosexual couples if their legal status is restricted to civil unions. Full marriage is the only way to meet a state constitutional requirement for equality, said the 13-member panel of public officials, clergy, lawyers and same-sex marriage advocates.”

The official page for the Commission, with a link to the final report, is at: .

As I have stressed before, these problems particularly apply to a federal system, where different forms of relationship recognition are not easily transferable across state lines (Australia is finding similar problems). In the US, that is greatly exacerbated by the situation regarding health insurance, where work-based insurance is the most common and applies mostly to the employee's partner as well. Which is why health is included in the report of course. We should therefore be careful not to casually transfer such reports to our own situation in New Zealand. Here we have what I would consider to be one of the more superior civil union systems around, not of course to forget the many automatic protections for de-facto couples, both same-sex and heterosexual. This applies across the board in NZ, and civil unions are fully transferable to the UK (and even New Jersey!). Only moving to Australia still causes some problems, though admittedly not as many as previously. And as far as health protection is concerned, believe me, ACC is one of the best institutions in the world!!

The Reuters article above also gives updates on developments elsewhere in the US, and these have been reported in previous newsletters. Only New York State remains in some state of confusion. The lower house there had been trying to introduce a marriage bill, which the Republican dominated Senate refused even to debate. Imagine the joy of many when the Democrats won control of the Senate in November, for the first time since the 1970s. History tends to repeat however, and, just as apparently happened then, they seem unable to take advantage of that majority. In this case three rogue Democrat Senators are threatening to bring the whole thing crashing down, specifically because of same-sex marriage in at least one case. It all sounds very complicated, and rather dysfunctional in a way that I gather Albany does particularly well. There is a good summary at: .


Meanwhile, in the United Nations, much publicity has been given to the first ever “declaration against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity” at the General Assembly on 18th December. However, in NZ you would be excused for not knowing about it if you only read the mainstream press, even though we were one of the first countries to sign up to it. But of course you follow, knowing that is the only way in this country to find out what is happening! Another good report is at: .

It was actually a French initiative, acting in its role as President of the EU. So all 27 EU countries signed up (even some of the ones you would imagine would not!). The UK was particularly enthusiastic, with a press release from the Foreign Secretary, and what is known as an Early Day Motion in Parliament, signed by MPs from nearly all the political parties.

(If you wish to know about the rather quaint tradition of Early Day Motions in the House of Commons, they are explained here: )

Australia came on board after some delay. The US refused to sign up, saying that its Federal system did not allow to sign up to what was actually the business on individual states (the more I read about Federal systems the happier I am that I do not live in one!), but that in any case the declaration could be interpreted as insisting on the right to marry.

It was this last point that was taken up with vigour by the Vatican, probably dismayed that, as usual, European countries were not doing what they were told. Initially the Papal State seemed to lead the opposition, until a counter-statement, mostly by Islamic states came out and was presented to the GA on the same day. Possibly stunned by the negative reaction they were receiving, by seeming to side with countries which severely punish consensual gay sex, even sometimes with a death sentence, the Vatican then relented slightly, and read out their own statement at the Assembly. This stated:

“The Holy See appreciates the attempts made in the declaration on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity to condemn all forms of violence against homosexual persons, as well as urge States to take necessary measures to put an end to all criminal penalties against them”. At the same time, the Holy See felt that the wording of the joint statement “goes well beyond [this] shared intent”. In particular, it felt that the categories “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” have “no recognition or clear definition in international law”, and could give rise to “serious uncertainty” in the law. It concluded: “the Holy See continues to advocate that every sign of unjust discrimination towards homosexual persons should be avoided, and urges States to do away with criminal penalties against them.”

(This is quoted from this very full report of the day’s proceedings: ).

This is actually quite a big admission by the Vatican, as never before, to my recollection, have they stated in general that criminal penalties against gays should be removed. So it is no wonder that shortly after this the Pope sought to return to “business as usual” with yet another homophobic outburst. But then, the silly old German is totally obsessed with us it seems.

Of course, it is nonsense to say that sexual orientation and gender identity lack legal definition. Any country with a decent Human Rights Act has done so quite adequately, and there are many Court judgments from around the world dealing with this very issue.

After the declaration was read at the GA, its supporters adjourned to a “high-level panel discussion” elsewhere. Here the new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights delivered a magnificent statement via video-link:

It is interesting that Ms Pillay mentions the fact that most anti-gay laws across the world are actually the remnants of colonialism. To coincide with the declaration, Human Rights Watch actually produced a detailed exposition of this very fact in a report, This alien legacy. This certainly merits detailed reading, despite its length: .


The death of the famous British writer and barrister, Sir John Mortimer, was widely reported in the press. However, although mention was made of the liberal causes he supported, one of the most (in)famous was omitted from the lists I read. In 1978 he (unsuccessfully) defended the editor of Gay News in a blasphemy trial, after the paper had published a poem by the American poet James Kirkup. Pink News however is, as usual, quick to remedy this, and even reprints the full text of the poem (which is still technically illegal in the UK, though not one presumes in NZ or of course on the internet!): .


STOP PRESS: “Change has come to”:

And how. Scroll down and look at “the agenda” and click on civil rights, which takes you to this page: and look at all it says about LGBT people. That was quick! Dubya has well and truly departed!


Events for Women

Lesbian Networking drinks - come along to Blondini’s Café & Bar at the Embassy Theatre on Kent Terrace. Friday drinks with a friendly group of women, held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 5.30pm onwards.


Lesbian Radio on Access Radio

This is on 783 am, and the weekly programme is broadcast on Sundays, 10-11 am. A podcast is now available, at . Anybody interested in contributing should e-mail .


Lesbian Quiz night in Porirua

This will take place on the last Friday of each month, at Café Kaizen, in the Pataka Museum in Parumoana Street, from 6.30 pm onwards. Contact Suse on 04 237 4222 for more details.


For full details of events for women, see .



OUT IN THE SQUARE, Saturday February 28th
The annual lesbian and gay Fair, now called Out in the Square, will take place in Civic Square, on February 28th.
Full details will be available at  .

The new downtown venue proved very successful last year, despite not very clement weather. This year there is a wet weather alternative date.. This was advertised as being 7th March, which is still the date on their website. However, we were informed in December that a new wet weather alternative date of March 1st had been arranged. Doubtless this will be clarified on the site soon; let us hope it is not needed! 
Rainbow Wellington will not have a stall this year, but we have again sponsored Out in the Square, and will be present on the day as ever. So make this a date in your diaries.
We will add more details to the news page on our website as we receive them: .


Kaha – Queer Youth Hui 09

The Hui will run from 23-25 January, at Tapu te Ranga Marae in Wellington. Full details at:

Rainbow Wellington is planning to assist with a workshop on effective campaigning.

Elizabeth Kerekere has asked if any help can be given with transport for the young delegates, either at the beginning or at the end of the Hui.  Please contact Elizabeth if you can help.

OUT THERE! Queer Youth Development Project
P +64 4 381 6647
F +64 4 381 6641

M +64 27 404 8277





Rainbow Wellington Chair Tony Simpson, wearing his hat as a writer of social history, is embarking on a gay project and is looking for volunteers.  Basically what he is doing is building up an archive of the various dimensions of the life of the gay community from about 1960 to 1986 (and a little bit beyond).

This unique life style and culture is now disappearing post decriminalisation, and exists largely only in the recollection of those who took part in it.  It needs and deserves to be preserved.  Material he collects will be deposited in the Oral History Archive of the Alexander Turnbull Library, and is prospectively the subject of a book.  He will also be interviewing in Auckland and Christchurch.  He has developed a standard interview schedule and would like to hear from those who would like to assist.  The contributions can be anonymous if that’s what people prefer.  You can email him on or ring him on 04 384 3180 to talk to him about it and to arrange an interview session if the idea appeals.  He’s keen to hear from people accordingly.


SIMPSON Tony (1945 - ) is a writer who has published numerous books, pamphlets and articles, focusing on aspects of New Zealand history.  His readable narrative histories touch on a range of subjects from the New Zealand Depression experience in The Sugarbag Years (1974) to the European origins of New Zealand’s cuisine in the nineteenth century immigrant experience in A Distant Feast (1999 new edition 2008)

A former industrial advocate, radio producer, and currently senior public servant, a survey of his written works and addresses range from: ‘The Folk Culture of the Dispossessed’ (1972) through ‘State House Furnishings and Working Class Culture’ (Historic Places Trust), ‘The Treaty Speaks to Pakeha’ (VUW lecture series), to the wonderfully idiosyncratic ‘The Scone in New Zealand Literature: a post modernist approach (Readers and Writers Conference Dunedin 1993), and ‘Alchemy, Erotics and the Wife of Bath’ (National Library Seminar series 2006), and more recently “Looks Like It’s Open Season on Queers’ (LAGANZ Homosexual Law Reform conference).

Tony Simpson was for three years from 1991 a member of the then Literature Committee of the Arts Council, and in 2003 and 2004 a judge and convenor of the judging panel for the Montana Book Awards.  He has been the recipient of a number of awards, notably including a Watties Award (1974); an award from the Fulbright Foundation to study New Zealand whaling records in the United States (1983); and the Arts Council Non Fiction Fellowship in Letters 1995

If people Google me at ‘Tony Simpson writer NZ’ they’ll find quite a few links but I don’t maintain any sites of my own through which people can contact me .



At the Theatre

A wealth of stuff coming our way:


The Altruists
Written by Nicky Silver (USA)
Directed by Gene Alexander

21-31 January, 7.00pm
BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Tce
Bookings: or 04 802 4175
Cost: $18 waged or $13 unwaged/group 8+

When an anorexic soap star fed up with the philandering ways of her politically radical Kerouac wanna-be boyfriend snaps and commits murder, she desperately enlists the aid of her brother Roland to cover up the crime. However her social worker sibling is busy with his own project; “reforming” a dangerous young street hustler with a penchant for drugs and a flair for the dramatic . . .
From the company that brought you Dostoevsky Trip and The Little Tragedies comes
The Altruists, a dark farce penned by the enfant terrible of downtown New York theatre, Nicky Silver. Consisting of political incorrectness, hysterical tantrums, neurosis, ketosis, murder, and enough sex to satisfy you for hours no matter what your orientation!
The Altruists is rare treat for those who enjoy their comedy served black with a dash of razor sharp humour and biting wit.
“Nothing is sacred to Nicky Silver, the American theater’s one-man brat pack. He uses knowledge of the real world’s suffering and heartache to attack the shallowness of a culture epitomized by the energetic banality of *Seinfeld* -- and at the same time he employs the high-speed manipulation of comic stereotypes to poke fun at the very idea of taking anything seriously.”
- The Advocate, April 2000

Starring: Mel Dodge, Gareth Ruck, Desiree Rose Cheer, Leon Wadham and Ben Fransham


Subversive Arts Theatre Presents . . .
Written and Directed by Pachali Brewster
9-13 February, 7.00pm
SOUTHERN CROSS, 39 Abel Smith St
Booking: liesbookings@gmail.comor 04 472 5214
Cost: $16/14/12

Lies & Other Stories Before Bed is a sexy Fringe Festival production – an uproariously funny, risky black comedy about the many imperfect moments in life.
Written & directed by Pachali Brewster and costumed by Brendan Goudswaard (aka Ellie Kat) - both members of the GLBT community, we hope
Lies & Other Stories Before Bed will be of interest to you and your members.
Group bookings of  6+ @ $14 each are available.

Brian and Alice are an average suburban couple.
Brian works nine-to-five.
Alice works nine-to-five.
Brian eats dry toast for breakfast.
Alice prefers eggs.
Brian builds forts with blankets in his spare time.
Alice volunteers with dolphins.
Brian sees two children watching him whenever he tries to have sex.
Alice is getting just a little frustrated...

Three projection screens. Two wicked children. A man. A woman. Another woman. Featuring knives, pirate costumes, vegetarian lasagne and far too many overactive libidos,
Lies & Other Stories Before Bed is an uproarious, risky and rousing black comedy about the many imperfect moments in life.
Brian wants to please Alice, but the parasitic, imaginary children he’s hallucinating are not helping. A boy obsessed with self-destruction and a girl obsessed with white picket fences; together they keep interrupting Brian and Alice’s private moments with their creepy conduct.
With Brian wrestling to keep the children a secret, how will he retain Alice’s affections when the seductive Marta strolls onto the scene?

Subversive Arts presents a thrilling threesome of live performance, film and animation in one titillating tale…
Starring: Nick Zwart, Mel Shaw, Jeremy Keene, Katrina Fleming, Sara Velásquez, and Stuart Moore.


Downstage is also hosting a number of shows in the Fringe Festival:


Circa has also issued its programme for the year. This includes two plays by two of the greatest gay playwrights of the 20th century.

In May they are showing Blood wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca, in an English translation by Ted Hughes. Set during the Spanish Civil War (when Lorca was of course murdered by Franco’s fascist thugs) it will presumably be as cheerful as most of his plays! The cast includes Kip Chapman once more, and the incomparable Jennifer Ludlam, and the director is again Willem Wassenar.  

In July is Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr Sloane. Many of us will have seen the film with Beryl Reid, which was shown at Outtakes a few years back, but the play is not a frequent occurrence. Having seen one awful amateur production a few years back, I realised how difficult it is to bring off well. I am sure the Circa production will do just that, although we have so far no idea of the cast. Hope Mr Sloane is suitably cute in his leathers though! .



Wellington Dance Same Sex New Zealand (DANSSINZ) 2009


Time to kick start your dance New Year resolutions!!

DANSSNZ classes for Gay and Lesbian dancers and friends are held at Thistle Hall, which is located on the corner Arthur Street & Cuba Street, upstairs (enter through Arthur Street side).  Payment is by koha/donation.  No partner is necessary.  A fun attitude coupled with ‘I can do this’ is all that is required.

The Same Sex Dancesport Competition is scheduled for Saturday 9 May.  (More information will be available in February).

From February to May 2009, Wednesday and Sunday DANSSNZ classes will include dances and routines that are consistent with the Same Sex Dancesport Competition programme AND meet the needs of dancers who may not wish to compete.

Below are the schedules for Wednesday and Sunday night classes


4 February            Waltz

11 February            Rhythm Foxtrot

18 February            Cha Cha Cha

25 February            (Slow) Jive

4 March            Revision

11 March            Waltz

18 March            Rhythm Foxtrot

25 March             Cha Cha Cha

1 April   (Slow) Jive

8 April   Revision

15 April             Waltz

22 April             Rhythm Foxtrot

29 April             Cha Cha Cha + (Slow) Jive

6 May               Revision



These classes will cover basic routines at about C Grade Level

8 February            Waltz

15 February            Cha

22 February            Quick Step

1 March            Jive

8 March            Gypsy Tap

15 March            Merrilyn

22 March            Revision

29 March             Waltz

5 April   Cha

12 April            EASTER no class, but Hall available for practice

19 April             Quick Step/Jive

26 April             Gypsy Tap/ Merrilyn

3 May   Revision



These classes will cover basic routines for C Grade Modern/Standard; Latin American; New Vogue. The class schedule is yet to be finalised


8 February        

15 February      

22 February      

1 March           

8 March           

15 March          

22 March          

29 March          

5 April  

12 April            EASTER no class, but Hall available for practice

19 April            

26 April            

3 May




Wellington Gay Dads’ Group

A friendly social group for gay dads and their partners. The group meets monthly (usually at the weekends) for a pot luck meal and a drink, in members’ homes. Support is available for guys who request this!
For details, contact: Phil: Phone 381 0308  or 021 251 0589.               
E-mail: .
Web Site:     


Kapiti Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club is an exclusive social group for gay and bisexual men living on the Kapiti Coast. The group boasts 56 members aged from 32 upwards and from as far apart as Wanganui, the Wairarapa and Upper Hutt.

The Rainbow Club cordially invites GAP members to join us at any of our monthly social events arranged usually on the last Saturday of every month during the afternoon or evening. Complimentary overnight accommodation with local members may be available for those Wellingtonians who cannot face returning home.

Annual membership of The Rainbow Club is now only $10. Our aim is to return this money to you over the course of the year in the form of event subsidies. The group is strictly men only. Please contact the group via if you wish to attend one of our functions.

The next function is an afternoon tea in Te Horo, from 3 pm on Saturday January 31st.


Wairarapa Rural Blokes

February sees us at Grant & Tony's place in Carterton. Details to be notified.

Please pass this message on to those who might be interested, but who don't have ready access to emails.

Once again, a reminder that Grant & Derek are looking to relinquish organising and communicating Rural Blokes activities. If you would care to step up and help out/take over, please respond to this email and we'll contact you.

A quick note that 44 people turned up to the Christmas function at the Marquis of Normanby. This is the best turn out we've had for a while and the evening went very well. Michael Shale had the dining room looking great after it's recent refurbishment. Thanks very much Michael.

Derek Waldock & Grant Pittams


I’ve been watching     

Lots of new films out over the Xmas/New Year break. Frost/Nixon is definitely recommended and is a superb bit of acting, even though I found it hard sometimes to distinguish Michael Sheen’s David Frost from his Tony Blair in The Queen – must be that inane smile! (I noted a similar smile when he played the Emperor Nero going mad in the TV1 series on the rise and fall of Rome). The strange case of Benjamin Button is also good. Watch Brad Pitt get younger and younger, until he passes for about 18 with ease (he is actually 45!). He has just vigorously defended same-sex marriage again, and is heavily involved in rebuilding some of the poorest parts of New Orleans post-Katrina, in areas which nobody else much could be bothered about. So he merits support as a human being one feels, whatever his acting capabilities (and he is pretty good in this film). Now of course we await Milk, due next month.

Also quite a bit on TV, although you have to have Sky nowadays to be sure of getting many of the best BBC offerings. Top marks went to the film, Frankie Howerd, rather you than me, about the famous comic and his partner of many years, Dennis Heymer (as told by Dennis, who is still alive). Most of the commentary on that was centered around David Walliams’ portrayal of Howerd, but the highlight for me was the stunning performance by Rafe Spall as Dennis, a beautiful study in unconditional love I thought. The other film in the series, The curse of Steptoe, was also well worth viewing – so watch out for any repeat of these.

One BBC series which has recently run in the UK is Merlin. I saw one episode of it whilst I was visiting in September. On the surface it is typical “family fare” an adventure series where young Merlin comes to live at the court in Camelot, and becomes the servant of the butch young Prince Arthur. However, the friendship between the two, played by Colin Morgan, a young actor from Northern Ireland, and the blonde hunk Bradley James, has developed a strong gay subtext, so that even Bradley’s fansite admits to “a few homoerotic theories”: . Bradley has been seen here in one episode of the police series based in Oxford, Lewis, when he play a young boxer; believe me, if you saw the episode you will remember him! There is interesting commentary in and in this rather entertaining Scottish blog, which revels in a bit of “Arthurian totty”:

Some nice pics here, plus a video of Colin appearing in the Catherine Tate show, as the gay son in a very amusing sketch about an IRA family at Xmas.

Merlin is coming to Oz, but no sign here yet, so you might have to get the videos instead. Series 1 is coming out now, and a series 2 is promised!

Talking of, there is revealed all the details of the third series of Brothers and sisters, which is still running in the US, with lots of Kevin & Scotty living together in marital bliss! If you like spoilers, the website provides a hilarious detailed episode guide, with no punches pulled: .

Or if you just want to look at the scenes with Scotty in, they are at: .

Let us hope that TVNZ will be consistent, and give us series 3 as well.


Accommodation Wanted


1 bedroom accommodation near University for mature student.

Details including costs and availability to please.



Pastry Chef

Are you looking for a fully qualified pastry chef for an immediate start? Please contact




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Members Promotions


New Zealand AIDS Foundation 

Awhina Centre - PO Box 9247, Level 3, Marion Square, Wellington

Phone: (04) 309 5560 Fax (04) 302 2338


National Office - PO Box 6663, Wellesley St, Auckland

Phone: (09) 303 3124 Fax :(09) 309 3149


AIDS Hotline:0800 802 437

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation provides health promotion workshops and education to prevent the transmission of HIV and by supporting people affected by HIV and AIDS to maximise their health and wellbeing.

NZAF services are free, and include confidential testing, counselling, support, policy, advocacy, and raising community awareness. The National Office of the Foundation houses a recognised research team specialising in the social and medical impacts of HIV and AIDS in New Zealand.

The Foundation is a registered charity and relies on donations and community support to continue in the delivery and diversification of its services.

The Awhina Centre has just moved to Level 1, 187 Willis Street.


Jimmy Bar, St James’ Theatre

See  for all details.

There are also details about the café & bar on the site. Happy hour is now extended to 90 minutes! 5-6.30 pm.

The Jimmy is open till 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.




New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO)

Box 6640, Wellington

Tel: 04 801 3890                        Fax: 04 801 3976  

See all the latest news of concerts, reviews, etc., on their website.



Bluenote Bar

Bluenote Bar. Cnr Cuba & Vivian Streets

801 5007            021 321 006                   Fax: 971 1624            

Bar open all night 7 days a week. Live entertainment.            Gay friendly.


Leaders in Real Estate

Murray Potts, Property Consultant
21 Ganges Road, Khandallah, Wellington

Tel: 04 479 2099 (A/H: 04 479 4665)
Mobile: 027 4441760
Fax: 04 479 1941

See Murray at

When entrusting a salesperson and an organisation with the selling of your home or investment property, you will be looking to achieve the best price for your property with professional sales representation from a Real Estate market leader. My experience in the Real Estate industry began when I was a child, my father was a Real Estate Salesperson.

Over my 15 years in the Information Technology industry and the last 10 years as a professional sales person, I have bought and sold houses both in New Zealand and overseas.

In our business, I make the maximum effort to be creative and innovative, up front and open. I look forward to working with you to achieve:

·         Outstanding results in your Real Estate transactions.

·         True value added service that will make your Real Estate transaction easy for you.

·         Professional sales representation from an organisation that is the clear Leader in the market – here in Wellington, throughout New Zealand and across the world.

·         The protection of the Re/Max Leaders money back marketing guarantee.

I will encourage you to trust my ethics and my honesty.

My commitment to you is best described by my working ethos: Service * Integrity * Excellence



Te Horo Olives

Type of business

Olive Growers and olive oil processors






1081a State Highway One
Te Horo
Otaki South 5581

Olive growers and olive oil processors. We have a ten acre, 1300 tree grove in Te Horo, producing extra virgin olive oil.

Our fruit is processed on site using a Pegaso 500kg/hour continuous flow plant.

We also undertake contract pressing for other growers in the region.


Matthews Eyewear and Eyecare


Type of business

Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Contact Lens Practitioners




04 473 4200


04 473 4300


Level One – City Chambers

Matthews Eyewear Eyecare

Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Contact Lens Practitioners

Every face is a work of art and we believe every face deserves a great frame!

As Wellington’s most recent Optometrists, Matthews Eyewear & Eyecare are proud to introduce an exciting element to highly fashionable Eyewear.

Not only do we have what we believe to be the best in Eyewear collections that Wellington has to offer, but also the very latest in Eyecare technology.

Our promise: best people, best technology and to showcase the best range of Optical fashion collections within a private and relaxed environment.
Hours  8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Physical Location
Level One – City Chambers

Entrance - in between Juniper Café and Bordeaux Bakery on Johnston Street, close to the corner of Featherston and Johnston Streets





S&M Cocktail and Lounge Bar

Mal and Scotty are back, with their new bar, at 176 Cuba Street. Now yet again, the only gay bar in town!            (currently no website)

Tel: 021 917980            021 917960


Unity Books

The NZ Listener Bookshop of the Year 2007
Capital Times Bookshop of the Year 2005/06/07 

Unity not only has the best selection of literature of interest to our communities, but a wide range of other material, especially New Zealand literature.

Unity Books, 57 Willis Street.

Tel: 04 499 4245            Fax: 04 499 4246  


National Bank of New Zealand

Wellington Branch,

170-186 Featherston Street

Tel: 498 6092.



Sterling Tax & Accounting Ltd


Business Address:  PO Box 6201, Marion Square, Wellington

Contact Name:  Matt Kora

Phone / Fax / Mobile: 04 3816142 , 04 3816143, 027 3305730

E-mail address:


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