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Rainbow Wellington acknowledges the support of the Mayor of Wellington and our corporate members. See their details below, & at   (corporate members are listed first, in alphabetical order).

We welcome a new corporate member to our list this month. Jeff Montgomery and Dean Halifax are long-standing personal and business members, but now they have decided to upgrade and register their City Gaystay and Cottages as a corporate member. 

You can also see the details of our other members who have paid the business page fee, on our Business Directory Web page, at . Please have a look at that, & remember to use the services of our members who are advertising there whenever you can.



RAINBOW WELLINGTON DRINKS: 6th MAY, Wellesley Boutique Hotel

We return to a popular venue.



Friday 6th May


from 5.00 PM


Wellesley Boutique Hotel, 2-8 Maginnity Street




Cash Bar


Nil – but please note that regular attenders will be asked to join Rainbow Wellington. If you

benefit from our events, it is only fair that you join the group.


Not required                                                                                                                                                  

Booking Deadline:





Rainbow Wellington news



This is now the final notice of our AGM, to be held on Thursday 14th April, at 6 pm. As usual, we will meet in the Council Chamber of Wellington Town Hall, courtesy of our Patron, the Mayor of Wellington. The new Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, should be there to greet us in person.
The Agenda has been sent out to members. Thanks to those of you who responded, both the apologies and those intending to attend. Please make an effort to come along, as this is the one time of the year when we can receive members’ feedback face-to-face.

RW Board members are elected for two-year terms, and all 3 current members up for re-election, Tony Simpson, Amadee Rose and Tony Reed, are intending to stand again. But this still leaves us well short of our total Board complement. So please consider whether you would like to contribute to the group and its activities by standing for the Board this year. If you would like to know more of what this involves, please talk with a Board member at one of our events, or e-mail us at .


RW campaigns

In January we updated the Issues page on our website: . That is the place to go for details of our current and past campaigns, as well as those which are “just resting” at present, such as the issue of gay men donating blood.

We have still received no response, nor even an acknowledgement to our open letter to the Prime Minister, listing the current issues relating to civil and human rights where we think the government should act (or of course where we oppose the way it has been acting). We have recently issued a press release on the PM’s rather sudden discovery of the problems of bullying. That was of course one of the key issues in our letter. Unfortunately the mainstream media so far seem about as interested in homophobic bullying as the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education does. Let us hope that Pink Shirt Day on April 14th will raise the profile of this issue at long last. There are lots of details about that on

This is election year, so we will be carrying forward these issues when we talk to the political parties.

McDonalds has kindly unblocked our website, which was blocked on their Wifi system, along with virtually all other gay-related websites. They could hardly have done otherwise. One wonders how many sites of valid interest remain blocked. We have written to McDonald’s pointing out that in our view the system they have chosen infringes the Human Rights Act, in that it systematically discriminates on the grounds of sexual orientation, and await their response. We do not believe that the sort of piecemeal unblocking on request which has gone on so far is good enough.


Rainbow Wellington membership

Membership renewals are still coming in, and our corporate and business members in particular seem to need fairly constant reminders. Our procedures are pretty generous in giving three months grace at the end of the membership year. But that is now up, so the substantial number of 2009-10 members who have not renewed are now fully lapsed, and are receiving this newsletter as non-members only (i.e. as a link and not full-text, though we will ensure they see this bit!).


It remains frustrating for us that, despite our very high profile over the last year, so many people ignore the call to join or renew their memberships, at least without us having to do a lot of work in reminding and chasing them. As a small voluntary organisation we could well do without having to do this so much, as there really are more important things we could be getting on with. For example, this newsletter has been delayed because the secretary has had to spend time chasing up memberships.


But it is never too late, so please either dig out that form we mailed to you, or go to our online form at . There you can either fill in the form on that page, or download a form in Word to post or e-mail to us. Please note that payment should accompany the form or be made at the same time. We have received more forms than payments to date.


The increasing move to online direct credit is of course convenient for all, but please ensure 1) that it is clear who is paying, 2) that you please send us at least an e-mail to say you have done this, and that your details have not changed. At this busy time of year, it is easy to miss some renewals if we don’t have any back-up information.




Rainbow Wellington is looking for a dedicated person to manage our web site. It would be great if we can find a person with PC technical skills and who likes a challenge!


Our current web administrator for many years would like a break. It is also a good opportunity for a successor to bring a fresh approach and innovation to this operation.

Routine work involves:

  • Updating the RW Events page and the News page as News arrives
  • Uploading monthly RW Newsletter to the website
  • Email Mail-outs

Our Mail-out system is maintained by Gavin who has access to Servers we can use. This system stores emails  lists of RW Members and Non-members who wish to receive regular RW News Updates.


For further details, please e-mail .





Now your editor has returned from his Mother’s quite exhausting 90th birthday celebrations, and now the Outgames are over, we are settling down to bring you more events over the coming months. The theme of the moment appears to be human rights, and we are setting up a number of speakers who are knowledgeable in various aspects of our human rights laws and the situation generally here in New Zealand. So watch out for these.

As I said last time it is quite possible that events may be organised too late to appear in a newsletter, in which case we will use our news extra messages. But please don’t forget that they will also be on the website, and we hope you will remember to look there: . RW events are on the Events page, other events on the News page.



Politics in Godzone

The main news that screams for some sort of comment is of course the Darren Hughes “scandal”. This impacts on me as a resident of the Ōtaki electorate and one who had hoped that Darren might recover the seat from the rather smug but not very effective Mr Nathan Guy. Only a few weeks back I was at the opening of the new Waikanae station, celebrating the extension of the suburban electric service. Darren did a lot to bring that about, a fact that tended to be ignored by some there, in fact he had asked to speak, a request which Stephen Joyce & Nathan Guy  apparently vetoed. Thanks to Mayor Jenny Rowan for personally drawing attention to his key role there.


Rainbow Wellington is not going to comment on the facts of the case, because we do not currently know them. This does not seem to prevent the media going mad, but we consider such lack of factual information pretty crucial. We do however feel that we can comment on the media’s reaction to the news.


Of course, the media has always loved a “sex scandal”, it appears to be one of the few topics they feel they know anything much about. And when it involves two men, even more so (please note, an 18-year-old is a man, and not a boy). But their delight in being judge, jury and executioner for Darren contrasts bleakly with their supine role in what I would have thought a much bigger scandal involving an MP a number of years ago.


Nick Smith is no friend of our communities to put it mildly. Name any key vote in Parliament and he has been on the side of the homophobes every time. But his ability to wriggle out of a conviction for contempt of Court in 2004, with his portfolios intact and his position as an MP unchallenged, stunned me at the time, and now annoys even more so, when I see what the media can do to a career when it wants to. At the time, the Family Court’s decisions were being criticised, especially on the Right. Nick led the charge when a couple of his constituents got involved, and broke the law by issuing press releases and according to some reports, even phoning the other family who had been awarded custody (wrongly in Nick’s infallible eyes of course), This is all in the public domain, and I found these 2 articles from the Herald from 2003 and 2004 easily on Google:  

Of course, Nick’s stand was popular in some quarters, probably amongst those who fiercely defend the “rule of law” except when it suits them. Jane Clifton’s article in the Listener makes that point:;jsessionid=89059F8A07BD05A2F1283897535BAC86 . However, he only failed to be thrown out of Parliament on a technicality, so one would have hoped that the media might have considered this an outrage, and conducted some sort of campaign, even if that annoyed some the “anti-PC” brigade, and even if the issue was not “sexy” and might actually involve some detailed explanation. Of course, the National Party leadership did not want to lose him, just as Phil Goff did not want to lose Darren. But surely that is not the point. Any MP who thinks he can casually break the law because he knows better than the Courts should not be in Parliament, let alone in power. Nick Smith has not only survived of course, but is now a senior Minister, as those who rely on ACC are only too aware. One cannot help wondering what would have happened to Richard Nixon if he had relied on the New Zealand media for his survival. I bet he would still be President. Our mainstream media is the scandal here, they are totally useless and incapable of recognising major issues of any significance, especially those which might require some detailed research and the use of a few brain cells.

It was good however, to see one party leader expressing her dismay at the recent course of events. Good on you, Tariana: .


On a much lighter note, I hope you picked up the good article on gay Green MP (and of course one of our Vice-Patrons) Kevin Hague, in the Sunday Star Times: . The article covers his role in the anti-Springbok tour demonstrations in 1981, but covers quite a wide field beyond those dramatic events also.


And, hot off the press, a substantial Herald article on Grant Robertson too:

At least this one actually answers that endless pointless question “is NZ ready for a gay Prime Minister?”.



Overseas news

Those of us who attended the Human Rights Conference at the Outgames were regularly bombarded by news of the number of countries signing up to the United Nations Joint statement on the rights of LGBT persons at the Human Rights Council. Eventually 85 countries signed up. Hillary Clinton was as ever fulsome in her praise of the statement, and gave it good coverage on the State Dept. site: . There is a link on the right to the full text of the statement, and the complete list of countries signing up. As you will see, it includes New Zealand, but you would be hard pressed to know that from any Government news source here. So we have written to Foreign Minister Murray McCully, thanking him for NZ’s support, but hoping that he might behave a little more like Hillary Clinton and give our support for human rights at the UN a little more publicity? It was also pointed out at the conference that Pacific Island states, tiny as most of them are, represent over 20 votes at the UN General Assembly, so are definitely worth pursuing for their support. These countries do sometimes have to be persuaded to add their support to such statements, so surely this is a role NZ could play more strongly, as a country with influence in the region. Certainly the United Nations itself, from the Secretary-General down, is pushing for such support for human rights for all people – especially of course since Helen Clark joined as head of UNDP.


I am getting rather bored pointing out the many statement and actions coming from the Tory-led UK Government relating to LGBTI rights. Bored, because John Key is supposedly a fan of David Cameron and his “moderate conservatism”, but shows no sign of learning from the Tories’ conversion to supporters of our rights. But no “I haven’t turned the clock back, so be grateful” stuff there.


First the Deputy Equalities Minister launched a government led campaign against homophobia and transphobia in sport, as part of their overall action plan on discrimination.: .

Then the Equalities Minister and Home Secretary (a senior Tory) gave a speech to the Stonewall Workplace conference on equality and discrimination, covering a wide range of issues: .


It is typical that in one month it is easy to pick out such initiatives and comments coming from the Government in the UK. Wouldn’t it be good if those sort of things happened here? But I fear the likelihood of that happening under this Prime Minister or this Government are remote indeed.



Events for Women

We now have an e-mail list consisting of our women members and other contacts only. This can be used if required to inform women of relevant events taking place. So if you wish us to send out any such message, please send details to or . Please give us a few days notice of the event though, as we cannot promise to send anything out immediately! Please note that this is for community groups only. This facility is not available for commercial information.

The details below are all taken from We do not receive separate notifications of these events, for please see that website for full details.


LILAC - the Lesbian library

LILAC is a lending library for lesbians and queer women with a great selection of books, DVDs, videos and magazines. It operates from a room upstairs at 64 Cambridge Terrace (corner of Fifeshire St) - just follow the signs. More info on the LILAC website at

LILAC is open:

Wednesdays 5-7 pm

Saturdays 11 am-1 pm

Beginning on Wednesday 1st September, LILAC will be open: Wednesdays 5.30-7.30 pm and Saturdays 11 am-2 pm


LILAC Bookclub

LILAC is holding a Book club on the third Thursday of each month (usually) in the LILAC Library. We will serve tea and coffee and if anyone fancies bringing some biscuits they will be gratefully received. We look forward to meeting some new faces who enjoy reading.

Next: 14th April 2011, 6.30  @ 8.00 pm
discussing Carol by Patricia Highsmith (also published as The Price of Salt by Claire Morgan
at Lilac Library, 64 Cambridge Terrace [a week earlier than usual to avoid Easter]


Fridays at Blondinis

Wellington Lesbians meet for after work drinks on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in Blondinis, the upstairs bar at the Embassy Theatre from 5.30pm. Next: 8th April, then 22nd April.


Lesbian Radio on Access Radio

The weekly Lesbian Radio Programme is broadcast on Sundays, 10 - 11 am, on Wellington Access Radio 783 AM. It is rebroadcast at midnight Tuesday to 1 am Wednesday.

Check our Lesbian Radio webpage for more information and links to listen to or download recent programmes.


Amazon Softball Club ... recruiting for 2011

New Zealand’s only remaining lesbian softball club is right here in Wellington. They have a promotional video to entice you to join up for the 2011 season!

Amazon Softball has been going for over 30 years - let's make sure it continues. Join as a supporter, play in the team, be the club manager, join the committee, or just be a spectator at games. We welcome experienced and new players alike. Email for more info.


Support and drop-in group

This is a Lesbian Drop In/Support Group for women who are new to Wellington or just new to the Gay scene. They meet on the first Thursday of the month ...

Next: Thursday 7th April 6pm til 7.30pm at Anvil House, 138-140 Wakefield St
For more information, ring Gay and Lesbian Help-Line (04) 473 7878 and leave a message for Jo with your phone number or email her at


Lesbian Overland & Cafe Club

LOCC is the social walking group for vaguely active lesbians and slightly fitter women. Not a tramping group, but there is one "club" rule: walk some before retiring to a cafe. And we're not a club as such ... just whoever turns up on the day.

Summer programme 2010 -2011  

For all walks, bring lunch, water and snacks.  Wear or carry parka, day pack, shorts or walking long trousers, sneakers or tramping boots, sunblock, hat, gloves, spare jersey. 

Your leader will have a small first aid pack.  Its best to phone the leader so she knows you are coming, can arrange car shares and can give you any additional information.


Sunday 10 April: Rimutaka rail trail

A walk along part of the old railway route from Upper Hutt to the Wairarapa. It is a well-formed trail but wear "sensible" footwear.
Meet outside the front of the Wellington Railway Station at
9am to car share.
The turnoff to the walk is 9km north of Upper Hutt, to meet at the end of the access road at 10am. Walking time up to 5 hours to the summit for lunch, a quick peek at "Siberia corner" and back to the cars. More information about the track at the
regional council website, including a map. There are a couple of short tunnels so a torch could be handy.
Trip leader Ellen 566 0140



Dancing at The Pines in 2010

Dances in 2011 will be held @ the Pines, in Houghton Bay, Wellington on May 28, June 25, Aug 13 and Oct 1.


Pool on Fridays

Join the girls for a social lesbian pool night at the Ballroom, 68 Courtenay Place (opposite Shooters), on the 1st and third Friday of the month
Next Friday 5th May from 6.30 pm.
It's a fun way to meet new friends, have a drink and relax with women. It's non-competitive - you don't even need to know how to play. Focus is on fun and socialising. For more info or to get reminders from Pauline, email

There are also some free spirits who turn up every Friday from ca. 4pm for pool.


Kapiti lesbians dining out

Lesbians of the Kapiti area and parts north have a pot-luck dinner on the first Saturday of the month at 6.30pm. Singles, couples. Good company, good food, a few laughs, a glass of wine (or not). Women come from as far away as Tangimoana and Wellington.

Contact: for more information


Occasional drinks at Finns Bar, Paekakariki Hotel

On the 3rd Friday of the month, from 5.30 pm. Next is Friday 15th April.
If you want to stay for dinner phone Finns and book a place with Sally's group.


Lesbians do brunch

10th April 10.30am in Duke Carvell's in Swan Lane (off Cuba Street) [note the new venue]
Brunches are held fortnightly on Sundays. Join them if you want to meet other women for good food and good conversation. Email Shelley for more information.


Dinner group for single lesbians

Friendly monthly dinners are held in the Wellington region for single lesbians. Sometimes this is a potluck at someone's home, and sometimes we dine out at a restaurant. If it's in a home, we all bring a plate of food to share, and something to drink. The purpose of this group is for companionship and meeting new people. Friendly and no pressures; not a dating group.

To find out more and book a seat please contact Brendy    


Ladies Night at Club Ivy

Every Wednesday, 9pm-2am
at Club Ivy, 13 Dixon Street
$5 house spirits for women. See the


Vegetarian Dining Group

The Wellington Lesbian Vegetarian dining group meets regularly every 6-8 weeks.
The group is open to all lesbian women who are either vegetarian/vegan or who enjoy vegetarian food, on the proviso that only vegetarian food is ordered when dining out with the group (vegetarian = no meat, chicken, pork or fish.)

Email to find out more and to be added to the group list.      



Outgames Wellington 2011

I trust you all enjoyed Outgames. As you all know, RW was most involved in the Human Rights Conference, in which we sponsored two of the overseas key speakers, to the tune of some $10,000, by far the largest act of sponsorship in the history of the group. Here is my report on the presentations of our two sponsorees, which both took place in the plenary session at the beginning of day 3:


The last day of the Conference, Friday March 18th, I made sure I got to town for the opening of the plenary session at 8.30 am. This was because the two overseas keynote presenters sponsored by Rainbow Wellington were speaking.


Nepalese MP Sunil Pant does not have a dramatic presentation style, but the content of his speech was amazing. He started with a slide-show which showed the change in Nepal over the last 10 years, from a situation where gay people were regularly beaten up by the police, to one where over 300,000 are now out, the Supreme Court has ruled against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, and of course Sunil himself is an out MP in the Parliament in Kathmandu.


Sunil emphasised that, although government action is important, it is we ourselves who are the key to an improvement in the rights of LGBTIs. And to achieve this, we must “move beyond grievance” and look forward to a better future.


There is now serious talk that Nepal could be the venue for the next Asia Pacific Outgames. I am sure that they could put on a great show, and that we could all enjoy the services of Pink Mountain Travel, run by the Blue Diamond Society, which has been responsible for the one of the greatest improvements of LGBTI rights in Asia.


Grace Poore from Malaysia spoke movement building in the region, concentrating on the different types of movement in Hongkong, Vietnam and Cambodia.


In Hongkong new technology has been at the forefront of campaigning, initially because a movement based on networking via Facebook and other electronic media has been easier to arrange when money is very short. This has led to successes such as ensuring that a new law on domestic violence covered LGBTIs – despite opposition from some much better funded religious groups.


In Vietnam the concept of a “movement” is not used, as it implies confrontation. Instead the key point has been education, based on a belief that better information can lead to less discrimination. Cambodia has a similar approach, but within the LGBT community. The concept of Pride has been employed, but there it does not tend to involve public marches or rallies, but indoor activities which help to develop a confident community.

Grace emphasised that, although outside help (mostly from white Westerners) can be helpful in kick-starting developments in these countries, it has to be carefully monitored, and a locally based capacity developed as soon as possible. This is partly because it is local people who suffer the consequences of any activism, as opposed to the foreigners, who can of course just go home. New media technology is clearly the key to attracting larger numbers, as it enables many people to feel that they are part of a movement. The international element in this involvement can be helpful; bad governments know that the world is watching. However, we need to be aware that our enemies are also able to network in a similar way, and that cyber attacks by homophobic groups, especially religious ones, are on the increase. Human Rights Commissions in the region in particular must come to terms more with these developments.


Both speakers received a rapturous reception, and I came away feeling proud that we at RW had been able to support two such visitors, who otherwise may not have been able to attend and make such memorable presentations.


Later in the day, Kiwi ex-pat John Fisher inspired us all further, and his comments have been reported on and elsewhere. Even whilst John was at the conference, his Geneva-based organisation, ARC International, was helping to maximise support for the UN Joint statement on sexual orientation and gender identity, and we received a running commentary throughout the conference on the number of countries adding their support. The final number was 85 – see more under “Overseas news” above.


2nd AsiaPacific Outgames

12-19 March 2011

Wellington, New Zealand

play  excite  inspire




The days seems to have long gone when this particular festival was a prime target of fundamentalists wishing to choose which films we could and could not see. It has always been one of the more interesting film festivals around, and is at the Paramount, starting on 14th April:


Outtakes in their recent e-mails has already noted the most relevant film for our communities. Yes, Greg Araki is back. And apparently Kaboom is a return to the old anarchic style of Araki film, as seen in such films as Nowhere, The Doom generation and Totally f****d up. These, it must be admitted are distinctly a matter of taste, despite their classic cult status in many quarters. For me Mysterious skin remains his masterpiece so far, the only film apart from Brokeback Mountain where I emerged from the second viewing even more moved than after the first. But do go along to Kaboom – I certainly intend to.




Many of us have recently received an e-mail telling us that Outtakes 2011 is all go. - there is also a Facebook page, which appears to be update more regularly.

Confirmed dates and venues for Out Takes 2011:

Wellington: Thursday 2 - Sunday 12 June, Paramount, 25 Courtenay Place


Keep your Queen's Birthday free!


A heads up if you're planning a winter break ...


Queen's Birthday Weekend - Saturday 4 to Monday 6 June - is the last weekend of Out Takes 2011 in Auckland and the first weekend of the festival in Wellington.


That holiday weekend is a great time to visit or stay in either citiy, as our festival programme on those three days is packed with excellent films!


Even though we've been screening over Queen's Birthday for 17 years now, even some of keenest Out Takes filmgoers forget that we can only screen some of our films once in each city and they miss out on their favourite films because they're out of town at Queen's Birthday!


Some key dates coming up:


Around 16 April - We'll email you to see if you want us to send you a festival programme in the post.


Around 24 April - Our full programme is launched in print and on our website.


Thu 2 June - Opening Night Wellington






This book group meets once per month. Timing seems to mean that we cannot yet give the next date in this newsletter, but give here details of the group, including contact details.

“In June we decided to call ourselves Pink Ink.
Over the last couple of months we have discussed doing something at the time of the Outgames next year. We have had two offers of assistance: one financial and the other logistical. Please have a serious think about gay writers you would like to see/meet/hear/chat-up! In Wellington in 2011. It would be best if you either wrote these down and gave me the paper at the gathering or email me prior to the event. My auditory memory is minimal!”



Kapiti Gay Radio

There is a 30 minute gay slot on Coast Access Radio on the Kāpiti Coast, at 104.9 FM.
Apparently parts of Wellington can get it too, but you can also listen to the latest episode at: . 

Steve, who set up the programme some 2 years ago, has stood down and has passed the baton on to yours truly. The March broadcast, still available as an mp3 on the website, consisted of me discussing recent developments in the UK, which I have just visited. There was quite a bit to discuss, for example, only about two days after I arrived, young England cricketer Steven Davies came out, in the Daily Telegraph of all places. Big news over there, but only covered it here. You can see Steven being interviewed at: .

The next programme will be broadcast on Sunday 17th April, and consists of an interview (already recorded) with US Ambassador, David Huebner. That will then appear on the web page a day or so later. This was considered quite a coup for Coast Access Radio, which has already reported the event to the Kapiti Observer!

I hope a future interview will be with Kāpiti Mayor Jenny Rowan. Watch this space.


Kapiti Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club is an exclusive social group for gay and bisexual men living on the Kāpiti Coast. The group boasts 56 members aged from 32 upwards and from as far apart as Whanganui, the Wairarapa and Upper Hutt.

The Rainbow Club cordially invites RW members to join us at any of our monthly social events arranged usually on the last Saturday of every month during the afternoon or evening. Complimentary overnight accommodation with local members may be available for those Wellingtonians who cannot face returning home.

Annual membership of The Rainbow Club is now only $10. Our aim is to return this money to you over the course of the year in the form of event subsidies. The group is strictly men only. Please contact the group via if you wish to attend one of our functions.

The next event is the AGM on Sunday May 1st, at Te Horo, from 11 am.



 You’re invited...

 On Sunday’s at 5.00pm at Strike,

399 Hutt Road, Lower Hutt

 After a hugely successful Asia Pacific Outgames held in Wellington in March 2011, the Rainbow Bowling League has been re-established, allowing friends and family of the GLTB community to come together and enjoy the sport of Tenpin Bowling.

Join in the fun and invite your friends to join us each Sunday at 5.00pm for some real GAY bowling.

Playing 3 games of tenpin, in teams of 2 this social competition is a whole lot of fun.

Cost is only $20pp and includes games, shoe hire (if required) and also weekly prizes and competition trophies.

For more information, and to register your interest, please email 

or phone Dion Leslie on 0276 554 531 .



Hello folks

I've been asked by Malcolm Brodie to issue an invitation to you all for another attempt at a Wairarapa weekend at his place in Greytown.


Sunday 24th April 2011 (Easter weekend)


Anytime, but usually Noon onwards


230 Waiohine Valley Road being Malcolm Brodie's Greytown estate


Barbeque from early evening BYO food and grog and tent!

Other instructions:

Overnight camping is encouraged, so why not arrive on the Friday/Saturday night and spend the weekend there?

Please let Malcolm know if you want to do this. Malcolm's Greytown phone number is 06 304 8949

Malcolm also requests people take their own rubbish away with them at the end of their stay


·       At the southern end of Greytown, turn on to Humphries Street, at the Challenge Service Station.

·       Proceed to the Woodside Railway Station (about 5 Km)

·       Go past the Station on to the gravel road and turn right at the T intersection, on to Waiohine Valley Road.

·       Follow this road for 2.6K (you will go past the Featherston and Greytown water supply on the left)

·       Malcolm's driveway is on the right, opposite a wooden sheep loading thingy and is numbered 230.

·       He usually has a rainbow flag coyly fluttering at his entrance


Derek Waldock & Grant Pittams



I hope all of you who had not seen Mates and lovers before managed to get to see it at Downstage. It is a very good piece, true to the whole ethos of the book, and the two actors involved are just amazing. It moved on to Dunedin, and there has been a good article on the play in linked to the performance there, which is of course Chris Brickell’s home town: .


What can one say about Elizabeth Taylor which has not already been said?! The best obituary I have read so far was in the New York Times” , which also had  rather nice video about her: .

The NYT obit has been in the news itself, as the writer died some 5 years ago himself! But apparently his article was so good that they ran it anyway, with only minor changes. In the meantime the DomPost managed to run one which failed totally to mention her AIDS work at all, which was quite an achievement! Paul Flynn’s article in the Guardian speaks of little else:

Organisations like the NZAF have of course been quick to come forward to praise her work in that context, which she wanted to be seen as her main legacy. She has raised many millions over the years, and seems likely to raise yet more posthumously, as much of her substantial estate (once the diamonds have been sold) is apparently going to AIDS charities too. I shall in the meantime resolve finally to watch my DVD of Giant, even though the action off-screen where she supported “my boys” Rock Hudson and James Dean, and kept them from fighting each other in real life, was supposedly much more exciting than the movie itself.


Those of you who manage to get down to this regular item in the newsletter may remember my piece on bisexual actor Farley Grainger, best known for starring in a couple of Hitchcock thrillers in the late 1940s & early 50s.



One story which formed the subject of a session at the Human rights Conference, was the intriguing story of the gay Mayor of Whanganui and the bad poet. Mayor Charles Mackay shot young D’Arcy Cresswell in 1920 in what was probably the biggest scandal ever to hit Whanganui. If you don’t know this amazing dramatic story (which was included in Michael King’s Penguin history of New Zealand) here is a good summary: . Cresswell had certain things in common with Lord Alfred Douglas (”Bosie”) in that he was a bad poet who ruined the career of a prominent gay man.



Last year I prepared this book review for a newsletter, but it never made the final text, always crowded out by something else. Farley Grainger has just died, aged 85.
You may well never have heard of him, so read on:

Include me out – Farley Grainger’s autobiography


One of the films in last year’s festival was Senso, a sumptuously restored Visconti classic from the 1950s, about the Italian war of independence from Austria in the 19th century. The American actor playing the male lead was Farley Granger, whom I remembered from his famous roles in Hitchcock films, Rope and especially Strangers on a train. I also seemed to remember that Farley was gay, so looked him up on Wikipedia. Well, it turned out he had written a tell-it-all autobiography in 2007, which was much quoted there, so I got a copy via Unity Books.

It is an entertaining read, written in conjunction with his partner of over 40 years, TV producer Bob Calhoun. Bob has since died, but Farley is still going strong at 85 (or at least was when I wrote this!), and the latest Youtube vids shown when the book was released, reveal an elegant and eloquent elderly man. Most of the book is about his younger years in film, in Hollywood and Europe, when he certainly led an action-packed and interesting life. As one chapter in the book tells in great detail, he lost his virginity twice in one night at the age of 20, when he was in the Navy in the War – once to a woman and then to a man. He discovered from that day on that he liked both, and carried on in that vein with a number of affairs, ranging from Ava Gardner to Leonard Bernstein, from Shelley Winters to Jean Marais. At the age of about 30, he walked away from Hollywood, and spent most of the rest of his career on the stage.


He was certainly a very popular character, partly because he was very handsome, but also one imagines because he was charming, intelligent and very good company. Otherwise, one cannot imagine that he would have remained friends with so many artistic people throughout his life. Given that so many of his friends ended up on the wrong side of McCarthyism, he was lucky to escape that fate. His love of travel, of Europe and especially Italy, must have helped there, as he was able to live an alternative life outside the US. He seems to have been fairly openly bisexual for many years, although public knowledge was restricted to his relationships with women, at least in his early Hollywood years.


Anyway, this book is strongly recommended. Like all good biographies, it has an index. So buy it or borrow it, and look up your favourite stars there; you are almost bound to find them there somewhere.




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