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Rainbow Wellington Corporate Members

Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 27th January, Wellesley hotel

Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 2nd March, The Library Bar

Rainbow Wellington AGM, 2012

Rainbow Wellington News – other events

Politics in Godzone

Overseas News

Events for Women

Out in the Square, January 21st

Have your say about freedom of expression in a digital age

Wellington Dance Same Sex New Zealand (DANSSINZ) 2012

Wellington's gay and lesbian choir The Glamaphones

Kapiti Gay Radio

Kapiti Rainbow Club

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Members Promotions


·        New Zealand AIDS Foundation

·        New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

·        The Fringe Bar

·        Te Horo Olives

·        Unity Books

·        Peter Cullen – Employment Law specialist

·        Abode Café

·        S&M Cocktail Lounge


Rainbow Wellington acknowledges the support of the Mayor of Wellington and our corporate members. See their details below, & at   (corporate members are listed first, in alphabetical order).


You can also see the details of our other members who have paid the business page fee, on our Business Directory Web page, at . Please have a look at that, & remember to use the services of our members who are advertising there whenever you can.



RAINBOW WELLINGTON DRINKS: 27TH jANUARY 2012, Wellesley Boutique Hotel

After our successful candidates’ forum we return to the delightful atmosphere of the Wellesley for our first Friday drinks of 2012.



Friday 27TH January


from 5.00 PM


Wellesley Boutique Hotel, 2-8 Maginnity Street


Cash bar as usual.


Rainbow Wellington Drinks: 2nd March, The Library Bar

We return again to a venue which has proved very popular in the past.

The Lounge Bar is a new bar situated in what was once part of Chow Restaurant on Tory Street. It can be entered through Chow but more conveniently from Courtenay Place south side a few metres from the junction with Tory Street going towards Kent Terrace.  There's a doorway and some stairs marked by a small sign.  Go up the stairs and through a plainly marked door on the first floor and you are there.


Friday 2nd March


from 5.00 PM


The Lounge Bar, Level 1, 53 Courtenay Place

Cash bar as usual.







This is a preliminary notice that the Rainbow Wellington AGM has been arranged for Wednesday 4th April, at 6 pm. As before it will take place in the Council Chambers of Wellington Town Hall, courtesy of our Patron, Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington.


A more detailed agenda will follow. The AGM is of course the occasion when we elect and re-elect Board members. We are always on the lookout for new Board members, to bring new ideas as to how we can function better, so please consider this.


Over the last few months the Board has been considering the role of RW and what we should be doing as an organisation. In particular our new status as a registered charity has caused us to look anew at our objectives. We are also aware that we need to clarify what we are and what we stand for, in order to build up a larger membership.


The objects of the organisation as listed in our constitution at: have been little changed over the years, and therefore mostly date back to the early years of GAP, when the group had a rather different emphasis from the one it has now. We have therefore been considering revising these objects. As this is a part of our constitution, any change has to be approved by a General Meeting, and we intend to achieve this at the AGM on April 4th. But before we do this, we thought it best to circulate our proposals in draft form first, which we now do. Any questions or suggestions would be very useful for us before we send out the final proposed constitutional amendment nearer the date of the AGM. So please read our draft objects below, and send any comments to .



Proposed new Objects clause


Rainbow Wellington is a non-profit association that aims to communicate with and educate the community at large on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (lgbti) issues by:


1.       Promoting a strong and positive sense of community for members of lgbti communities, in particular but not exclusively for those who are members of Rainbow Wellington, by encouraging social interaction and co-ordinating events of interest to them.

2.       Offering support and encouragement to members of lgbti communities affected by discrimination and prejudice, and pursuing redress of discriminatory issues by engaging in public debate on such issues so that all those in lgbti communities enjoy the human rights available to all New Zealand citizens.

3.       Providing financial assistance through grants and donations for individuals and groups undertaking specific activities that advance the causes of lgbti people.

4.       Affiliating with and offering support to other organisation pursuing objectives consistent with those of Rainbow Wellington.




Rainbow Wellington news – other events

Our first Friday drinks of the year is advertised above. We will be departing for a while a little from our regular “first Friday of the month” slot for a variety of reasons, mostly to avoid holiday weekends, but will of course keep you informed as usual. After our first 2012 drinks at the Wellesley this Friday, the next will be on March 2nd at the Library Bar (see above) and after that on March 30th, at The Fringe Bar.

Our Vice-Chair Amadee Rose will be organising another summer walk for members (and indeed non-members), plus their dogs if relevant. Details to follow – we will advertise date and venue in a future News Extra, but it should be some time in February.

We are also planning more talks in our Aspects of Human Rights series. If you know of other speakers or other topics you would like us to cover, please let us know.



Politics in Godzone

The main development since my last newsletter, in this curious semi a-political summer period which exists in New Zealand, has been the changes on both front benches.


Our Vice-Patron Chris Finlayson has retained his previous portfolios, and added Associate Māori Affairs (previously held by Georgina Te Heuheu), an important role given that the Minister is not in Cabinet. This obviously fits in with his Treaty Negotiations role, though it is a little disconcerting that National still has so few obvious Māori MPs in their own caucus (Hekia Parata clearly being promoted to “greater things”, and Tau Henare wisely being kept away from any significant Parliamentary or Ministerial role). Chris was tipped by some to be Minister of Justice, but this was never likely to be combined with his other portfolios, which he was clearly keen to keep. So Justice has passed from a clearly frustrated liberal Minister to the exact opposite. Judith Collins apparently really wanted Defence, and the fact that she of all people has been given the sensitive Justice role speaks volumes for the Government’s intentions in this area. Surely we are being given a very clear message that any social reform at all is simply not going to happen in the next three years. A supposedly sympathetic Justice Minister achieved little in this area in the last Parliament, so any hope that anything good will emerge from the current incumbent is taking optimism to extremes, even for our “she’ll be right” culture. And she is Far Right indeed! We will be lucky if things do not get a lot worse. We can only hope that the Bill of Rights will not be ignored or over-ridden too much, possibly another forlorn hope, given the power the Executive has in our system to ignore human rights issues with very few restraints on their actions.


On the Labour side, the main development of interest to our communities, especially here in Wellington, is Grant Robertson’s promotion to Deputy Leader. We will see if he manages to carve out any policy areas where he can offer a specific contribution, such as Annette King achieved in the last Parliament. One small concern is Maryan Street’s loss of the Foreign Affairs portfolio (although she retains an Associate role). Despite the Nats’ statement that foreign policy is largely “bipartisan”, we know that Murray McCully’s appalling lack of interest in international human rights, an issue in which NZ has often played a key role in the past, shows this to be one policy area where there are significant differences. Maryan was very much aware of this, and I at least am not so sure Phil Goff will be. We will do our best to remind everybody that this is important for some of us at least.




A recent article on Stuff has announced that Wellington is (per head of population) the “Civil Union capital of New Zealand”: . The article naturally repeats in this context the recent much publicised union between Justin Elder and Piri Norris, the first such event to be held in Parliament. This was because Justin was Executive Secretary to retiring National Party MP Sandra Goudie. One irony which nobody mentioned was that she, of course, voted against civil unions, and has not recanted this position to my knowledge (certainly not in her valedictory anyway). I hope Justin and Piri did not invite her to the ceremony!


The possibility of Wellington being also the “Gay Capital” has of course incensed Aucklanders on Facebook and elsewhere. Well, they of course have the numbers, but not notably when it comes to much campaigning for the rights of our communities. I’ll consider giving that city the title when and if they give the PM the reception he deserves at this year’s Big Gay Out. Unless of course he announces a number of reforms or initiatives, which I very much doubt is likely to happen.





Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have obviously been reading our criticisms of Murray McCully’s lack of commitment to international human rights. On the same day in early December, the White House issued a Presidential Memorandum on “international initiatives to advance the human rights of LGBT persons”, whilst even more significantly, Secretary of State Clinton gave a much publicised speech at the UN in Geneva on Human Rights Day, a speech which concentrated almost entirely on LGBT issues. Read them both for yourselves:


I say “much publicised”, but of course the press here largely ignored them. Only Express initially produced a couple of articles: , following suit with a report on the letter of congratulation we sent to US Ambassador David Huebner, . I have seen nothing elsewhere in our media. All the US media carried it in detail of course, as should our own, if we treat international human rights seriously. But it looks as if we are back to Murray McCully again (we sent him a copy of the letter to Huebner of course!).



Events for Women

We now have an e-mail list consisting of our women members and other contacts only. This can be used if required to inform women of relevant events taking place. So if you wish us to send out any such message, please send details to . Please give us a few days notice of the event though, as we cannot promise to send anything out immediately! Please note that this is for community groups only. This facility is not available for commercial information.

The details below are all taken from We do not receive separate notifications of these events, for please see that website for full details.


LILAC - the Lesbian library

LILAC is a lending library for lesbians and queer women with a great selection of books, DVDs, videos and magazines. It operates from a room upstairs at 64 Cambridge Terrace (corner of Fifeshire St) - just follow the signs. More info on the LILAC website at

LILAC is open:

Wednesdays 5-7 pm

Saturdays 11 am-1 pm

Beginning on Wednesday 1st September, LILAC will be open: Wednesdays 5.30-7.30 pm and Saturdays 11 am-2 pm


LILAC Bookclub

LILAC is holding a Book club on the third Thursday of each month (usually) in the LILAC Library. We will serve tea and coffee and if anyone fancies bringing some biscuits they will be gratefully received. We look forward to meeting some new faces who enjoy reading.

Next: 26th January, 6.30 - 8.00 pm
- discussing any title by
Emma Donoghue
- at LILAC Library, 64 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington

The group have started a list of suggested titles to read in the future. Any ideas of books to be added to the list will be gratefully accepted.


Fridays at Blondinis

Wellington Lesbians meet for after work drinks on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in Blondinis, the upstairs bar at the Embassy Theatre from 5.30pm. Next: 3rd February, then 17th February.


Lesbian Radio on Access Radio

The weekly Lesbian Radio Programme is broadcast on Sundays, 10 - 11 am, on Wellington Access Radio 783 AM. It is rebroadcast at midnight Tuesday to 1 am Wednesday.

Check our Lesbian Radio webpage for more information and links to listen to or download recent programmes.


Support and drop-in group

This is a Lesbian Drop In/Support Group for women who are new to Wellington or just new to the Gay scene. They meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Blondinis (1st floor, Embassy Theatre)
Next: Wednesday 1st February, til 7.30pm.

For more information, ring Gay and Lesbian Help-Line (04) 473 7878 and leave a message for Jo with your phone number or email her at


Lesbian Overland & Cafe Club

LOCC is the social walking group for vaguely active lesbians and slightly fitter women. Not a tramping group, but there is one "club" rule: walk some before retiring to a cafe. And we're not a club as such ... just whoever turns up on the day.

Summer programme 2010 -2011  

For all walks, bring lunch, water and snacks.  Wear or carry parka, day pack, shorts or walking long trousers, sneakers or tramping boots, sunblock, hat, gloves, spare jersey. 

Your leader will have a small first aid pack.  It’s best to phone the leader so she knows you are coming, can arrange car shares and can give you any additional information.


February 12: Hutt - Belmont Park tops

Meet 10am outside the front of the Wellington Railway station, then 10.20 Petone Railway station. Then to Maungaraki, Cottle Park Drive and park at the top of Stratton St. To the tops (Cannons Head, dress circle and Round Knob) if not too fine, and in the valley if too hot. Fabulous views. (Toilet at carpark).
Contacts: Lainey 027 303 9006 and Joann or Debbie 021 117 0224



Dancing at The Pines in 2012

Pines Dance will be held on Sat June 23 and Sat Sept 22 2012 @ the Pines, Houghton Bay, Wellington.


Pool on Fridays

Join the girls for a social lesbian pool night at the Ballroom, 68 Courtenay Place (opposite Shooters), on the 1st and third Friday of the month
Next Friday 3rd February from 6.30 pm.
It's a fun way to meet new friends, have a drink and relax with women. It's non-competitive - you don't even need to know how to play. Focus is on fun and socialising. For more info or to get reminders from Pauline, email

There are also some free spirits who turn up every Friday from ca. 4pm for pool.


Kapiti lesbians dining out

Lesbians of the Kapiti area and parts north have a pot-luck dinner on the first Saturday of the month at 6.30pm. Singles, couples. Good company, good food, a few laughs, a glass of wine (or not). Women come from as far away as Tangimoana and Wellington.

Contact: for more information


Occasional drinks at Finns Bar, Paekakariki Hotel

On the 3rd Friday of the month, from 5.30 pm. Next is Friday 17th February.
If you want to stay for dinner phone Finns and book a place with Sally's group.


Lesbians do brunch

19th February 10.30am at Roxy Café in Upper Cuba Street.

Brunches are held fortnightly on Sundays. Join them if you want to meet other women for good food and good conversation. Email Shelley for more information.


Dinner group for single lesbians

Friendly monthly dinners are held in the Wellington region for single lesbians. Sometimes this is a potluck at someone's home, and sometimes we dine out at a restaurant. If it's in a home, we all bring a plate of food to share, and something to drink. The purpose of this group is for companionship and meeting new people. Friendly and no pressures; not a dating group.

Next: Saturday 28th Jan, 7pm at Satay Kajang Restaurant, 39 Dixon Street
This is a Malaysian restaurant with a number of vegetarian dishes and prices are around $17-$20 per main.

Contact Brendy for more information and to book a seat.



Ladies Night at Club Ivy

Every Wednesday, 9pm-2am
at Club Ivy, 13 Dixon Street
$5 house spirits for women.


Out in the Square, January 21st


Those who attended this year’s very successful Out in the Square may not have noticed much reference to Rainbow Wellington. We again decided not to have a stall, 1) because we have had much difficulty in the past getting volunteers to staff it, and 2) the nature of our organisation does not easily lend itself to eye-catching displays. However, as soon as the date was announced we decided to sponsor the Fair yet again. We believe that the best way we can contribute to this event is by supporting it financially, and also advertising the details in our newsletters and on our website.


The weather-gods seemed initially to dislike the move from Newtown to Civic Square, but now seem to be placated, and again the weather behaved itself admirably. It was a pity that more people did not come to the opening (numbers peaked around lunchtime), as the greetings by our Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson and new Green MP Jan Logie, were worth watching. It was also good to see Georgina Beyer there again; our communities should never forget the debt that we owe her. I personally was glad to meet Jan for the first time. She has agreed to be interview for my Kāpiti Gay Radio programme (see below), as a resident of that Green stronghold, Paekākāriki. Other local Labour MPs attended. There was no sign of any National Party MP, as wryly noted by


It is good to see one tradition, of over 20 years standing now, continuing and indeed going from strength to strength. We need such things in these uncertain times.


Have your say about freedom of expression in a digital age

We have received the following press release from the Human Rights Commission:

Groups and individuals interested in freedom of expression, free speech and the Internet are being urged to make submissions to the Law Commission’s report on the new media and rights and responsibilities in the digital age.

“The Human Rights Commission believes that the report, which examines how the new media should be regulated, provides an informed and comprehensive platform for a wider national conversation about freedom of expression and the internet,” says Commissioner Dr Judy McGregor.

“We would like to see individuals, community groups, media organisations, journalists and the wider Internet community, including users, read the report over the summer and provide feedback to the Law Commission by next March.

“In particular, it would be useful for groups interested in children’s safety and those communities affected by hate speech such as ethnic communities and disabled people’s organisations to provide feedback on the options set out in the Law Commission’s report.”

The Human Rights Commission will be making a submission on the report. It suggests legislative change to the Human Rights Act 1993, and recommends as one option, that a Communications Commissioner be established within the Human Rights Commission in relation to free speech issues.

“The new challenges for the promotion and protection of human rights and the Internet are critical for us all. Recently the Commission has had a strong role in promoting and protecting freedom of opinion and expression. We’ve worked on hate speech about race and disability and freedom of expression issues in electoral finance reform. We’ve also been involved in roundtable work with the Internet community on human rights in the digital age.”

In its recent review of the status of human rights in New Zealand the Human Rights Commission stated that section 61 of the Human Rights Act has had the most difficult history of any of the legislative provisions of the Act. It noted that in the past five years, despite some well publicised examples of offensive comments made by public figures, not one racial disharmony complaint had reached the legal threshold required to establish a breach of the Act.

Read the report:  The News Media meets ‘New Media’: Rights, Responsibilities and Regulation in the Digital Age, at: .


Wellington Dance Same Sex New Zealand (DANSSINZ) 2012

Hi Everyone

New Years resolutions – ‘I want to dance’, ‘I really need to get fit’?

DANSSINZ classes for Wellington Gay and Lesbian dancers and friends are held at Thistle Hall, located on the corner Arthur Street & Cuba Street, upstairs (enter through Arthur Street side).  Payment is by koha/donation.  No partner is necessary.  Just come with an intention to dance and have fun.

For those who want to compete in the DANSS Inc Same Sex Dance Competition Saturday 31March 2012 please go to

DANSSNZ classes start Sunday 29 January and Wednesday 1st February. See the schedule below.


1 February ~ Foxtrot

8 February ~ Cha

15 February   ~ Gypsy Tap

22February  ~ Waltz        

29 February  ~ Rumba

7 March ~ Revision

14 March ~ Foxtrot

21 March ~ Cha

28 March ~ Gypsy Tap        

4 April ~ Waltz        

11 April ~ Rumba

18 April ~ Revision        

25 April ~ No dance class – ANZAC Day



29 January  ~ Waltz

5 February  ~ No Dance class Waitangi Day 6 February

12 February  ~ Quick Step

19 February  ~ Tango

26 February  ~ Cha

4 March   ~ Jive

11 March ~ Revision

18 March ~ Tango

25 March ~ Jive

1 April ~ No Dance class

8 April ~ No Dance class – Easter

15 April ~ Waltz

22 April ~ Quick Step


SUNDAY NIGHTS.  8-9 PM Intermediate:

29 January  ~ Swing Waltz

5 February  ~ No Dance class Waitangi Day 6 February

12 February  ~ Waltz

19 February  ~ Quick Step

26 February  ~ Tango

4 March   ~ Cha

11 March ~ Jive

18 March ~ Gypsy Tap

25 March ~ Revision

1 April ~ No Dance class

8 April ~ No Dance class – Easter

15 April ~ Swing Waltz

22 April ~ Waltz


Wellington's gay and lesbian choir The Glamaphones

Wellington's Gay and Lesbian Choir has entered a new phase in its growth as it announces a new, and very fitting name. Formerly known as the Homophones, the choir has evolved with the addition of women to become the Glamaphones.
"The name says it all - our full voice complement, thanks to the enthusiastic involvement of our new alto and soprano singers who add that exciting element of glamour. And it's important to pay homage to our heritage by keeping the "phones" part of the name", says choir committee chair Mark Beehre.
The combination of male and female voices in the choir came about following the hugely successful Sing Out! choral workshop and concert held earlier this year as part of the Asia Pacific Outgames. as part of the Asia Pacific Outgames. Following the Sing Out! event there was such enthusiasm for a mixed-voice gay and lesbian choir that The Homophones invited the lesbian singers who had taken part to bring their talents and spirit to the group.
The choir has just held its annual camp preparing for its concert in November.

The new choir is now well established and sang at Rainbow Wellington's mid-winter dinner, celebrating the 25th anniverary of Homosexual Law Reform.

Rehearsals are on Thursdays 6.30 - 8.30, at St Mary's Hall in Boulcott Street, 50m up the road from the church.

Contact Jo Calascione:  or Jan Suckling: if you are interested or for more info.

Jan Suckling

Ph: 021 762 872



Kapiti Gay Radio

There is a 30 minute gay slot on Coast Access Radio on the Kāpiti Coast, at 104.9 FM.
Apparently parts of Wellington can get it too, but you can also listen to the latest episode at: . 

Your editor is now organising this programme, and I have been lucky in recent months to secure some classy interviewees, a situation I hope to continue in 2012.  The last programme went out on Xmas Day, so I devoted it to a fairly light-hearted look at Noel Coward (well, he’s Christmassy by name at least!) with quite a bit of music. Tune in, if you want to find out the possible dedicatees of the song Mad about the boy; it’ll make your eyes water! (This programme has not been posted on the usual page, but at: ).

In January they do repeats, so my first new programme of 2012 is due to be broadcast on February 19th, and will be a review of LGBTI developments in New Zealand. I am afraid it will contrast sadly with the one I did on international developments. But I hope also to introduce some positive elements, including an interview with Murray Riches, the Waikato student responsible for the report on queer youth in NZ, How do we make it better?


Kapiti Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club is an exclusive social group for gay and bisexual men living on the Kāpiti Coast. The group boasts 56 members aged from 32 upwards and from as far apart as Whanganui, the Wairarapa and Upper Hutt.

The Rainbow Club cordially invites RW members to join us at any of our monthly social events arranged usually on the last Saturday of every month during the afternoon or evening. Complimentary overnight accommodation with local members may be available for those Wellingtonians who cannot face returning home.

Annual membership of The Rainbow Club is now only $10. Our aim is to return this money to you over the course of the year in the form of event subsidies. The group is strictly men only. Please contact the group via if you wish to attend one of our functions.

The next function is on January 29th at Te Horo Beach.



TVNZ is a very strange organisation. Whilst trying to destroy the Freeview system specifically set up to allow free digital access to their programmes by making deals with Sky instead, they suddenly come up with a good programme, as if by accident. And then they put it on late at night with virtually no publicity.


At 11 pm on New Year’s Day, TV1 screened Margot, a BBC biopic of the life of one Peggy Hookham, better known as Dame Margot Fonteyn, one the greatest ballerinas of the 20th century (and certainly the one with the greatest longevity).This film concentrates on the main reason for that longevity, her partnership with Rudolf Nureyev, which started when she was in her early 40s, and he was 24. It is mostly about their lives during that period, and a deliberate decision was made to choose actors who could not dance, rather than dancers who could not act! The use of body doubles is very clever, but, as one the film-makers has stated, if you want to see Fonteyn and Nureyev dance, there are lots of films available to choose from. British actress Anne-Marie Duff plays Margot, and Dutch actor/singer Michiel Huisman plays Rudy. A delightful minor role is Derek Jacobi as Sir Frederic Ashton; that particular actor must have worked his way through most famous gay men in history by now! Do look out for it if you missed it (as I suspect most of you did). TVNZ might repeat it I suppose, and it is available on DVD. I have observed that it has also been screening on the Rialto channel.




After our excellent annual book review at Unity Books, I read the new biography, E M Forster, a new life, by Wendy Moffat. As reviewer Howard Pond said at the time, this biography says little about the classic novels, but is more about Forster’s private life, recently revealed in his journals. This book has many revelations, though I had known before that Forster ceased writing novels after A passage to India, because he felt he could no longer write about heterosexuality, and was of course restrained from writing about same-sex love. His only overtly gay novel, Maurice, was not published until after his death, and then received generally poor reviews as “not up to standard”. It is indeed rather over-romantic, and Forster’s determination to have a happy ending for two English gay men from different classes of society in 1913 not entirely convincing. In 1987 however, Merchant Ivory produced a wonderful film of Maurice, starring James Wilby as Maurice, Hugh Grant (still the best thing he has done in my view) and Rupert Graves, delectable as gamekeeper Alex Scudder, who has the famous last line (almost) in both book and film, “And now we shan’t be parted no more, and that’s finished”.


Films are I think much better at dealing with unlikely happy endings than novels, and this one has become a classic. Even as late as 1987, a happy ending for a gay film was very unusual, and the story gets the full glossy Merchant Ivory treatment, with loving shots of Cambridge in particular. It has been around on video/DVD for a long time, but recently has re-appeared here in shops in a 2-DVD set. This version is not actually new, but has obviously just become available in Region 4 format. So do rush to buy it. Not only is the film still very beautiful and romantic, but the extras are a delight. There is a lengthy interview with the three stars, made I think about 8-10 years ago, and most interestingly, a large number of deleted scenes. The director admits that he regrets some of these deletions (made necessary to get the film down to 2 hours I presume?), and certainly a couple of them at least are most revealing. The film generally follows the dialogue in the novel fairly precisely (who could change lines like “England has always been disinclined to accept human nature”?) but a couple of key scenes are cut short in the finished product, when the original scene went through to the end of Forster’s original dialogue. This is most telling in the final confrontation between Maurice and his friend Clive (Hugh Grant) who has chosen married respectability over the risky life of gay love. This scene in the film now ends rather abruptly, but the original follows the novel, where Maurice simply fades away, disappearing as Clive prattles on, trying to “bring him to his senses”. As it is, Maurice and Alex disappear into what Forster calls “the greenwood”, a never-never-land of his imagining (at least in 1913, and even in 1960 when he last revised it).




Rainbow Wellington is happy to include news of relevant community events and initiatives in our newsletter. However, we are not responsible for the content nor accuracy of those items sent to us. We include them because we think they may be of interest to our readers, not necessarily because we endorse everything in them.

The political commentary is that of the editor, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Rainbow Wellington Board. If you disagree (or agree!) let us know, and we may include your comments too.


Members Promotions


New Zealand AIDS Foundation 

Awhina Centre - PO Box 9247, Marion Square, Wellington 6141

Physical Address – Level 1, 187 Willis Street, Wellington

Phone: (04) 381 6640 Fax (04) 381 6641


National Office - PO Box 6663, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141

Phone: (09) 303 3124 Fax :(09) 309 3149


AIDS Hotline:0800 802 437

The NZAF is the leading community-based organisation working in HIV prevention and with people living with HIV to maximise their health and wellbeing. Positive Health Services provides HIV and syphilis testing, counselling, advocacy and support services to anyone living with, or affected by, HIV in New Zealand. The services are free, independent and confidential for anyone accessing our services.

Education, health promotion workshops, volunteer opportunities and activities to improve community awareness and also provided.

The Foundation is a registered charity.


New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO)

Box 6640, Wellington

Tel: 04 801 3890                       Fax: 04 801 3976

See all the latest news of concerts, reviews, etc., on their website.


The Fringe Bar

After 9 years as The Bluenote Bar on the corner of Cuba and Vivian streets on 1st February the Bluenote has re-branded as The Fringe Bar and become Wellington’s first dedicated Comedy Venue.   The venue is booked wall-to-wall with comedy during the Fringe Festival and will host the International Comedy Festival in May.  Basically pre-booked comedy will take priority up to 11pm at nights each weekday and then the bar will move into nightclub mode with the traditional karaoke and DJ sounds until 6am closing weekdays, 830am weekends.  

 With Mal and Scotty’s S&M Bar across the road and The Fringe Bar remaining as a gay-friendly environment the tradition of Cuba Street being part of the LGBT community enjoying New Zealand’s funkiest street with it’s wide variety of eating establishments, entertainment, great shopping and variety of bars within minutes of each other will remain.  

 With The Fringe Bar as a corporate member of Rainbow Network,  members will continue to receive Hospo drink prices upon presentation of their Membership Card and free entry when Night Club door charges apply at 3am. Come and check it out ! 

 The Fringe Bar            Tel 801 5007

Mondays                             8pm – 6am

Tuesday – Thursday        3pm – 6am

Friday - Saturday              3pm – 830am

Sundays                               8pm – 6am  


For events


Te Horo Olives

Type of business

Olive Growers and olive oil processors






1081a State Highway One
Te Horo
Otaki South 5581

Olive growers and olive oil processors. We have a ten acre, 1300 tree grove in Te Horo, producing extra virgin olive oil.

Our fruit is processed on site using a Pegaso 500kg/hour continuous flow plant.

We also undertake contract pressing for other growers in the region.



Unity Books

The NZ Listener Bookshop of the Year 2007
Capital Times Bookshop of the Year 2005/06/07 

Unity not only has the best selection of literature of interest to our communities, but a wide range of other material, especially New Zealand literature.

Unity Books, 57 Willis Street.

Tel: 04 499 4245           Fax: 04 499 4246 



Peter Cullen – Employment Law Specialists    

Cullen the Employment Law Firm has a wealth of knowledge about all areas of employment law. We act for both employees and employers in the public and private sectors. We specialise in understanding clients' needs and developing services to meet those needs effectively and economically.

At Cullen the Employment Law Firm we believe that getting great employment advice is about being able to contact experienced and committed solicitors. All of our solicitors specialise in employment law and are able to help you with practical solutions to your employment problems. Below you will find their profiles with links to allow you to contact them directly

           Our physical address is:

           Level 8, Kirkcaldies North Tower

           45 Johnston Street

           Wellington

Our postal address is:

           PO Box 10891

           The Terrace

           Wellington 6143

Our phone number is:

           ++64               4 499 5534         4 499 5534

           Our fax number is:

           ++64               4 499 7443         4 499 7443


Our general email address is:


Abode Cafe

Abode Cafe in Lower Hutt has quality coffee, food and catering. The venue is a bright and sunny spot that well compliments the tasty menu and counter food. Abode Cafe in Lower Hutt is also well known for its Ripe Coffee, latest magazines and a kids play area.

Lower Hutt's only out and proud gay owned and operated cafe!

Abode Cafe and Catering,
28 Cornwall Street,
Lower Hutt


Tel: 0210739232     

Please note that Geoff and Dean have asked this entry to replace the previous one on Wellington City Gaystay and Cottages. However, full details of that are still available on our website at .



S & M Cocktail Lounge 

Wellington's best gay bar

The cocktail bar, situated at street level, has plush surroundings with cedar walls and Egyptian chandeliers to set the mood. The music is kept at a level where the art of conversation is not lost. Relax and enjoy a G&T, beer, nice wine or fabulous cocktail from their extensive range while catching up with friends.

176 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Tel: (04) 802 5335



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