Uniting Wellington's LGBTI Sport and Recreation Clubs

The goal of Rainbow Team Wellington (RTW) is to unite and support Wellington’s LGBTI Sport and Recreation Clubs.   The member clubs are a primarily place where LGBTI people come together through their enjoyment of their sports and cultural activities.  They can be the place where a person first comes out, or first meets a larger group of LGBTI people, and our clubs are spaces where we grow our community.  RTW is not a campaigning, political, welfare or fundraising organisation – this work is being done by other groups.

RTW is supported by Wellington’s LGBTI networking and lobbying organisation Rainbow Wellington, who help us manage our finances.

You can make a donation to RTW through the Rainbow Wellington bank account.  Details are on the Contact Us page.

Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend

The weekend of activities is intended to pull together an informal and friendly LGBTI social weekend of fun and competition from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th January 2017.  It is also about encouraging the growth of the LGBTI sport and culture community in New Zealand.

It is an opportunity to celebrate and promote LGBTI sport, community, culture and identity.  Several organisations are participating by running events in their respective fields over the same weekend.

The Rainbow Dinner will be on the evening of Saturday 28th January at Field & Green Restaurant (Bookings essential!).  This is an opportunity for anyone in the LGBTI sporting community, and beyond, to come together to celebrate diversity and community.

The Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend is scheduled to coincide with Auckland Anniversary Weekend, to enable as many people as possible to attend, though it is the hope that LGBTI people from around New Zealand come along too.

People who are not currently participating in a sport or cultural activity but who might like to get involved are invited to be spectators, supporters and also to volunteer.  Swimming particularly requires volunteers where marshalls, timekeepers, recorders etc are needed. Prior experience or involvement with the sport is not necessary.

Anyone interested in volunteering, or for general enquiries, please email us through the form on the Contact Us page.